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Oskars new bike…

Oskars Zajarskis our flow rider in Latvia recently put together a new 2010 Gnarkill frame complete in Silver Storm. Thanks to the guys at We Are Level & Par BMX for looking after Oskars.

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From Russia with stress…

Oleg Alexandrov our flow rider in Russia, sent me this video a few weeks ago but I have been really busy & didn’t get around to watching it till now. Really glad that I found the time to check it out. It’s got some really good stuff in there & Oleg has the skills for sure… wow. It’s taken from the DVD called, ‘Stress’ from over there. You can click here now to see the full length video.

If your interested on what else the Russian BMX scene has to offer check out that Oleg runs by clicking here now.

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On the Road.

When you are on the road a lot you see some random stuff all the time, like the other day when we were heading out of Sydney we parked to hit a spot and Mick spotted this goat along with a cow in a front lawn of a suburban house. Every house was packed in like normal suburbs these days yet this one place had a little extra land so Mick fed it some McDonalds chips and the goat was stoked!


King of Dirt – 2010

The King of Dirt for 2010 is on a couple of weeks in Brisbane, Australia. We are getting behind the event & it should be a fun one as always. Check the flyer for more details & see you there.

KOD 2010 - Poster

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Michal Mycek winter edit…

Michal Mycek riding an indoor park while escaping the winter over in Poland. Put together by his friend Piastun who also features in it as well. Enjoy.

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2010 online catalogue

Cooper Brownlee laid this out a few months ago now but I just love the magazine style layout. I just had to post again in case anyone missed it back then. Click on the image to see it full screen.

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Tom Stretton – Welcome Edit

This is Tom’s welcome to the team edit filmed & edited by John Young. Here is what he had to say about it…

Filmed in Brisbane on Australia Day of 2010. All but 3 of the clips from this video were filmed in the space of an hour and a half before my plane left for Sydney. It was about 35 degrees and it was painful to just be standing in the sun filming, let alone riding. Lucky, Tom is mega dialled!

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Product highlight – The Phantom Frame

Liam Fahy-Hampton has been making noises ever since his infamous ‘Run At Me Slut’ web video a few years back & we’re stoked to have him on Colony. It was just a natural progression that he would have his own line of signature products with us. His LFH grips, seats & caps as well as his Phantom frames & forks are available now all over the planet. The Phantom frame is a modern day street frame with it’s own unique look. Plus, if it stand up to Liam’s brand of riding, then you know it’s gotta be tough. Check one out along with all his signature lines at a store near you now.


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Random Photo #956

Mr Radivo was in his element when we rode this park up in Brisbane last week. Good luck with the knee reco next week Pete!


Product highlight – Teddy frame

Mick Bayzand is a champion. Plain & simple. I can’t get enough of his riding & he always has a smile on his face. He also always brings a smile to anyone who is around him. You too will share that same smile while riding his signature frame, the Teddy. Check one out at a store near you now or click here for more info if you can’t wait that long.

teddy frame red

Check out his recent web vid with his good mate, Kym Grosser. Words cannot describe.

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Cooper & Mick update…

Cooper Brownlee & the entire Australian team were up in Brisbane recently for various celebrations & just to kick it for a while. We did a little day trip up to Gympie last weekend while dodging the rain. It was a good day full of fun times, BMX how it’s meant to be. Mick Bayzand took this photo of Cooper doing his thing. Both Mick & Cooper are on their way back to Melbourne via Sydney & Canberra right now. Keep an eye out for them at a town near you. Word is that Mick already slid a rail in Port Macquarie that eluded me a few years back.

Click here for some pics of Mick over on the Focalpoint site.


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Libellule web video…

Libellule from France put some work in for this really well produced web video. Filmed & edited by Mathieu Becker for the Nike 6.0 & SoulBMX Media Apprentice contest. Click here now to check it out. Well worth the look.

libellule copie

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Radivo under the knife again!

Pete Radivo was up here in Brisbane recently to hang out with the entire team. While riding here he had an innocent looking crash & once again found out he has to go in for surgery on his knee. This makes it the 5th knee surgery he has had but there is some goods news at least. He will be getting a new synthetic ACL replacement & should be back on the bike in as little as 2 months. Pete’s surgery is scheduled for February 10th. Good luck mate.


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More Shintaro…

Click here to check out the Ride BMX site for more news on the Redbull Fight with Flight flatland contest. Thanks to Fat Tony for the pics.



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Shintaro at it again…

Shintaro just scored a massive 2nd place at the Redbull Fight with Flight flatland contest in the US. Such an amazing result for Shintaro & just shows he is not slowing down anytime soon. Check the results below & the finals battle video between Shintaro & Matt Wilhelm.

1st Matt Wilhelm
2nd Shintaro Misawa
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Moto Sasaki
5th Matthias Dandois
6th Jesse Puente
7th Jean-William Prevost
8th Terry Adams


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Italian flow rider…

I would like to welcome Davide Altobelli to our flow team. Our Italian distributor, Hood BMX has hooked us up with Davide & is riding a Teddy frame right now. Many thanks to Fabio at Hood BMX for the hook up. Our entire 2010 product range is now available in Italy while it lasts.


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