Archive Of February 2012 - Colony BMX

Liam Zingbergs – jibs clips?

Liam Zingbergs has some not so jibbing clips in this edit with his mates down in Adelaide. Spotted over on the Little Black Bike site. Yeah! The first clip is pure gold. Edited by Tim Towie.

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Out in the heat

We had a bit of a heat wave here in Melbourne over the weekend but Mick was still keen to get out and film some stuff. We’ve been working hard filming for a fresh new Micky web video which I am excited about.

Wooden Waves of Surfest

Newcastle BMX presents the High Roller Energy – Wooden Waves of Surfest to be held on March the 17th-18th down in Newcastle, NSW. We have also supported the event & there will be giveaways from us on the days. Be on the look out for our local Drift Bikes / Colony BMX rider – Matt Walker to be there on the weekend as well.

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Zac Miner update

Zac sent through a quick update for us…

“Hey y’all. So got my new ride last week. Sooo happy with it, probably the most clean cut bike I’ve ever had. I’ve been loving it!!! The weathers been shit here, it hits 4pm and just starts raining everyday! Other then that, been riding Woden heaps found some new stuff to play with, just can’t get enough of that place! Anyway’s till next time. Catchya”

You can check out Zac’s signature ‘Miner’ frame here now, available at Colony dealers all over the planet including Zac’s bike shop sponsor, Backbone BMX.

Peta Shepherd off to Canada

Peta sets of for a trip to Canada today but before she bailed we got a bit of an update from her…

“I’ve been back riding now for about a month after 8 weeks off because I torn a ligament in my elbow really bad and couldn’t bend it or hold any weight with my arm. Feeling good and almost back to 100%

I’m flying out to Toronto on Monday for a Toronto jam and a two week stay riding around. So excited for it. And these are just some Photos Ange took over the past weekend.”


Valvo video interview

Valvo has a video interview from his trip in Australia late last year. Check it out, some really good riding from Valvo on a small sample of the many parks we have on offer. Just get your translation on if you wanna know what he is saying. Filmed & edited by Chris Lembo.

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Simon O’Brien on it.

From what I  hear, Simon killed it at Down Underground coming first and winning best trick/combo… For some more coverage from the event, check out the Nerve People web site.

Vans X Colony shoes on The Union

Over on The Union website Kurt has a write up on our collaboration shoes with Vans. Check it out here now.

Just in case you missed it, check out of Adelaide trip video to promote these shoes.

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Wallpaper: Mick Bayzand

You might remember this from The Colony DVD, Mick gap to ice in Sydney almost a year ago now . Download here for standard screen size and here for widescreen.

New team riders?

Yes, we have a couple new team riders in the works. More news soon… check back here in the next few weeks ahead.

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Liam Zingbergs is back.

Liam recently got back from a three week trip in the USA…

“Hey guys me again, just a quick update. I just recently returned to OZ after a long stay in Cali. I spent all my time in long beach staying at the OSS house with my boy Tim, I could not believe how many spots there were, it was a pleasant change from what I’m used to haha. We met lots of awesome people who made the stay extra fun! As Millar would say I now have the travel bug as I’m itching to get back on a plane and do it all again thanks to Adam and everyone else who made our stay so pleasant. I’m off to Brisbane in a week or two so if you see me out and about come say hey. Until then, stay trill.”

Guettler Go Pro footage

Ryan has moved over to California now & is living right by the Sheep Hills trails. He has been digging there of late so he took some Go Pro footage running the lips in. Looks like fun.

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Vans x Colony shoes feedback…

We have arranged for selected BMX shops, websites, magazines & industry people to receive samples of our new Vans x Colony shoes for them to check out. Today we had a cool email from Little Black Bike employee, Jack Karger today…

“Hey Clint, Thanks heaps for the shoes! They feel sweet! Much love, Jack.”

That’s Jack riding in them & we’re glad you like the shoes mate !!

These Vans x Colony shoes will be out in stores early April for Australia & selected other countries sooner, so check with your favourite dealer soon.

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Pete Radivo checks in…

Pete Radivo rules. He has been one of my all time favourite Australian riders for as long as I can remember. After all these years he still kills it with the most dialled tech & burly style. He can throw down at anytime, sober or not. Pete loves BMX & loves a good time with mates with a drink or twenty-two.

Pete sent in a quick update. Read on below to see what Pete got up too last weekend…

Myself and Little scotty went on a spur of the moment Canberra trip on Saturday arvo, got there Sunday lunchtime, haha. Went to Belco’s new park but was well packed out. Hit up Woden park for a 15 min sesh before the the rain hit. So we hit the pub instead. Sunday I hooked up with Cam White for a roll at Gungahlin skatepark. Fun sesh there. Got a couple of pics then drove home… Good weekend I say 🙂 – Pete.

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Strictly BMX worldwide exclusive

Due for release today is the 3rd instalment of Strictly BMX team rider Mick Bayzand’s signature Colony Teddy V2 frames which we’ve produced in conjunction with Melbourne graff legend Kid Paris.

Paris is one of Melbourne’s graffiti pioneers starting out in 1984 who experienced the foundation period of Australia’s graffiti scene. By 1987 Paris forged partnership with DJ Peril (since 83) to form the crew “Claim To Fame” (C2F).

Peril and Paris were two early b-boys and much like their flamboyant fashion, they’re best known for their largest production wall on Swan Street Auctions legal in Burnley Australia (1988), due to its immeasurable scale, detail and immense personality, Paris aged 16, Peril 17 pulled off a mega burner which placed C2F crew on the map as one of the best productions to date. The two at their peak were some of the most influential style masters the city has ever seen.

Mick Bayzand, as we all know, is one of Australia’s baddest street riders to ever come out of the country & has been killing it for as long as I can remember. His Teddy Frame is also our best selling frame to date & for good reason.

Click here now to orders yours from Strictly BMX now.

Strictly BMX have dropped an edit (below) and flickbook in which Mick and Paris give you some insight into the way we approached the project. These frames are limited to 10 worldwide.

So get at Strictly BMX real fast on these babies as they wont last long.

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Alex and Clint Ten Clips

Alex and Clint teamed up to film a split ten clips at Woodridge park, enjoy.

Vans x Colony shoe giveaway…

Over on Fat BMX they have a giveaway where you have the chance to win yourself a pair of our upcoming collaboration shoes with Vans. Check here now to read the full scoop. Ryan Guettler even has words over there talking about these shoes. So get to it !!

These shoes come out in the next few weeks worldwide… so check with your favourite Vans stockist now for full details.

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Help save Catty Woods trails

Although this has nothing to do with Colony, it’s for a good cause so make sure you watch this solid trails video to help out the locals keep their amazing spot. More info here.

Go to The Union for more videos.

Wallpaper: Brock Olive

This was used in an advert last year but it’s worthy of a desktop background aswell! Download here for Widescreen annd Standard screens here.

Jens Kahlstrom update.

Being winter over in Sweden there’s not much riding going on for Jens but his brother Mats scored a couple photos in a mag recently of Jens, looking the goods.