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Ave BMX in Poland

Ave BMX are our new distributor for Poland & the guy’s there are really behind BMX & it’s lifestyle 100%. Since taking over distro for us there, they have also picked up on the team Michal Mycek who has been our longtime team rider. Michal has now joined their team & will soon be going on his first team trip with them. We are stoked in Ave BMX’s support for Michal & Colony. They will soon be receiving their first Colony shipment, so hit the guys up for anything you are chasing from us real soon.

This video below is from the team’s last trip in Cyprus & it looked like a tonne of fun. Really well put together & a treat to watch. Get yourself a coffee, sit back & enjoy.

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Atilla Godi trip

A little while back Atilla took a trip to Budapest, he sent through a few photos for us to check out.

Alex Hiam scraps edit…

Even while Alex is off the bike with injury he is putting out edits. Put together by his mate, Julian Ball using clips that Alex calls scraps, it has some solid hammers in there. I only wish my scraps footage was half as good as this. Enjoy.

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Adelaide update #2

Myself and Mick have been having a blast the last few days in Adelaide along with some other friends we have been searching alot which has had its ups and downs but all in all the trip is going good. Filming a plenty for up and coming web videos.

Product highlight – 2012 The Living complete bike

Just landed in Australian shores & soon to be on other countries, are our latest colour of Ryan Guettler’s signature complete bike, called The Living. Shown below in the new Matte Black with Red you can pick this bike up now at a Colony dealer near you. But hurry as stock are limited on these high end bikes ready to shred right out of the box.

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Shintaro checks in…

Shintaro Misawa sent in a quick email on what he has been up to of late…

My old friend from Japan was visiting Malaysia last week. He is also from the same town, Machida Tokyo. The town has a summer festival every year, including BMX show organized by his father. I first saw this festival 15 years ago. It was what got me into riding BMX.

He is a well known photographer, Mr Motoyoshi Yamanaka. This time he has work in Thailand, for photo shooting at Chiang Rai International MTB Challenge. So, came to visit my place in Malaysia to see me. Alright, please check the photo from our session.

Photo by Motoyoshi Yamanaka

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Atilla Godi update

Atilla shot us through an update from Hungary, it seems it’s been snowing of late keeping him off the bike on the regular. Check this photo of his local park from yesterday, -18 degrees and 35cm of snow! Quite the opposite to here in Australia.

On the road

Mick and I are in Adelaide right now filming for some up and coming web videos. Dodging the rain was the challenge on the first day, hopefully we get some better weather the next few days.

Alex Hiam injury update…

Alex Hiam broke his leg a week or so ago now & had to wait till the swelling went down before a cast could be applied. Well he has had that done now & will have about 6 weeks off the bike. He will be back though better than ever on his new Sweet Tooth V2 frame & filming for an upcoming promo video for it. In the meantime, Alex will be back real soon serving up the best coffee in Cleveland.

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Tom Stretton checks in…

Tom Stretton has been keeping busy of late. Read on below to see what he has been up too…

Hey guys. Little update of what i’ve been up to lately. So glad it’s summer, even though it seems like we have only had a few days of sunshine as of late. However any day riding is a good one.

Lately I’ve been riding with alot of different people. Jack Birtles and myself have been working on a little skatepark sort of plaza edit for you guys which should be done real soon. It’s been so much fun filming for it and each time I feel like I’m getting that feeling where you are learning a trick for the first time. So much fun. Plus Jack is filming it so you know at least that will be ridiculously on point!

Also been filming for another quick little edit for Lux BMX Store and Afray with the biggest of salads, Troy Charlesworth. That has been mega fun as well. Can’t wait to get some more clippies for that one.

All in all, I’ve been riding when I can as much as I can and have just been searching for that feeling of finding new ground on your bike! Learning something that you didn’t think you could do before or something that you’ve never seen done before. I love that feeling. Can’t wait to go get on my bike in an hour!!!!!!!!!! Also shout out to all the boys at Morayfield. Wish I could get out there to ride with you guys more often but I’m ages away now 🙁 Except Tinny, I dont know whats up with that guy.

Anyway here’s a couple of photos from out filming with Jack and a little camera shot of filming with Salad. Peace!

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Liam Zingbergs in Long Beach…

Liam Zingbergs has been over in Long Beach for a couple weeks now & sent in a quick update of what’s been going on over there…

What’s up guys, it’s Liam checking in here from Long Beach in Cali! I have been here for a little over a week now on a riding trip and it’s amazing! The weather has been treating me well and there are spots everywhere you look. I have been flat out filming everyday and drinking lots and lots of Gatorade haha! Everyone has been super nice and I have met some amazing people. This is defiantly a place every rider needs to come. For now I’m out! Check back for more updates soon! Love y’all!

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Wallpaper: Zac Miner

You may remember this photo from a 2020 advert late last year. Zac Miner Over ice. Download here for widescreen and here for standard screen size.

Valvo at the trails

Valvo sent through this edit his friend Felipe Corrêa created. It’s really well fimed and edited and Valvo kills it! Valvo can ride anything.

Marnold web video

We worked with Marnold on this edit for a while now and he really came through for it. Check it out below along with some photos and a quick Q&A about the filming for it.

How long did you spend filming for this edit? It would be about 6 months yeah?
It was probably a little bit longer than 6 months because I’m pretty slack, but it would be close to somewhere around that.

What clip in it was the hardest to film?
Hardest clip would have been either the feeble hard 3 or feeble oppo whip, both because I had never done them before.

What was the most satisfying clip to get?
Most satisfying would have to be the feeble hard 3 just because it was a trick I’d always wanted to do and I got it done.

You do alot of grind combos on rails, what are you into the most of late?
Lately I have been getting into over switch and normal smith grinds, they are definitely the favourites at the moment.

The rail you ice, pegs to crooks and pegs to over ice, we had to dig out a runup for that in the dirt, did that bother you at all?
Yeah that run up was pretty shitty, but thanks to your shoes we got it to a pretty smooth run in so not really, it was actually not to bad at all..

Were there any firsts for you in this? I think the pegs to hardway whip is the first one we have filmed on street?
Yeah there actually were a few firsts in this for me… Ice on the kinker, the feeb hard 3, the pegs to normal whip, and feeb to oppo whip and the pegs over hard 180. They were all firsts, so I’m pretty happy with the way this came out. Thanks Coops.

Marnold is down.

Marnold took it hard on a 180 railhop over the weekend which he clipped and took it to the head and shoulder. He came out of it pretty well considering how bad it looked. The photo below was shot 10 minutes before it happened at the same school. The crazy thing is he pulled the 180 railhop first shot but then tried to do it in a run. He dislocated his shoulder but should be back on it in a few weeks.

Zac Miner update

Zac moved back to Canberra a few months back to get into a bit of a routine and here is a little update from my boy…

“The last 3 months has been great trying enjoying the sun. Been super keen to ride lately, just riding around everywhere playin around. Cams jam was on saturday night, which was crazy. They looked like they were cruisin having a ball doin the most retarted shit! Whole heap of people were in town which is always a treat. Found some new spots in the Berra as well, keepin the riding fresh.”

Greetings from Taiwan…

I love coming over here to Taiwan. Always so many cool things to see & such a different culture. I am here working on the 2013 & beyond product ranges & took these few random iPhone photos.

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Simon O’Brien

Simon sent in a few photos for your viewing pleasure, enjoy…


Fabio from Hood BMX our distributor in Italy, sent in this very rare photo of the Colosseum with snow around it. I have been there a few years ago & never would have thought it snows there, pretty cool to see.

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The Package #4

Marnold, Mick and Cooper have some really good clips in this edit from Focalpoint.

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We have been posting pretty hard over on Tumblr for the past few months so if you have an account hit us up.

Wallpaper: Liam Zingbergs

Zingbergs desktop wallpaper, Luc-e to 360 in Sydney almost a year ago now. Download it here for widescreen and here for Standard monitors.