Pete Radivo rules. He has been one of my all time favourite Australian riders for as long as I can remember. After all these years he still kills it with the most dialled tech & burly style. He can throw down at anytime, sober or not. Pete loves BMX & loves a good time with mates with a drink or twenty-two.

Pete sent in a quick update. Read on below to see what Pete got up too last weekend…

Myself and Little scotty went on a spur of the moment Canberra trip on Saturday arvo, got there Sunday lunchtime, haha. Went to Belco’s new park but was well packed out. Hit up Woden park for a 15 min sesh before the the rain hit. So we hit the pub instead. Sunday I hooked up with Cam White for a roll at Gungahlin skatepark. Fun sesh there. Got a couple of pics then drove home… Good weekend I say 🙂 – Pete.

Yo yo !!