Due for release today is the 3rd instalment of Strictly BMX team rider Mick Bayzand’s signature Colony Teddy V2 frames which we’ve produced in conjunction with Melbourne graff legend Kid Paris.

Paris is one of Melbourne’s graffiti pioneers starting out in 1984 who experienced the foundation period of Australia’s graffiti scene. By 1987 Paris forged partnership with DJ Peril (since 83) to form the crew “Claim To Fame” (C2F).

Peril and Paris were two early b-boys and much like their flamboyant fashion, they’re best known for their largest production wall on Swan Street Auctions legal in Burnley Australia (1988), due to its immeasurable scale, detail and immense personality, Paris aged 16, Peril 17 pulled off a mega burner which placed C2F crew on the map as one of the best productions to date. The two at their peak were some of the most influential style masters the city has ever seen.

Mick Bayzand, as we all know, is one of Australia’s baddest street riders to ever come out of the country & has been killing it for as long as I can remember. His Teddy Frame is also our best selling frame to date & for good reason.

Click here now to orders yours from Strictly BMX now.

Strictly BMX have dropped an edit (below) and flickbook in which Mick and Paris give you some insight into the way we approached the project. These frames are limited to 10 worldwide.

So get at Strictly BMX real fast on these babies as they wont last long.

Yo yo !!