Archive Of June 2010 - Colony BMX

Cooper Brownlee update…

Cooper Brownlee has got his new bike together after his last one now resides permanantly in a Barcelona police station. We will have photos of his new bike in the next few days. In the meantime he has been having a blast riding again & doing 180’s over things. He has also been hard at work on the newest issue of Focalpoint, due out soon.


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USA update…

Today we had an awesome session on Ryan’s new backyard mini ramp. It was crazy hot but good times for sure. After that we went swimming in a campus pool to cool off & then hit up the Unit for a night session. We were pretty much spent from the get go but still was fun to have a roll there. Tomorrow we head off on the drive up to Woodward & will be there till Saturday, looking forward to that.



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Thanks for the good times…

Most of you would by now know that both Liam and Nick have parted ways with Colony but it was all on good terms, here are both their final edits with the footage we had off them.

Many thanks to both of the guys for the many laughs we had over the years. Good times for sure…

USA trip update…

Today we went riding in the crazy 100 degree (38 degrees celsius) here. We went to Raleigh today to do a little street jibbing in the crazy heat. Was a fun day for sure. Below are some photos taken by Colin Mackay – one during the drive home today & the other while chilling at Ryan’s place yesterday.



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Product update – Impact safety pads

Coming out in August/September around the planet is our Impact safety pad line as seen below. We will have knee pads, shin pads & ankle bone protectors available. You will be able to get the knee & shin pads in sizes extra small through to extra large so no matter what size you are we got you covered. The ankle guards will be a one size fits all deal. All are made to a high quality finish at an affordable price.

Knee pads

Shin pads

ankle pads

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Alex in Greenville…

Alex finally made it to Greenville after a mammoth 29 hour trip from Brisbane. This morning we woke up at Ryan’s place & he took us to Mirra’s warehouse, such treat. It was amazing to see Mirra ride there & Alex was very stoked to get the chance to meet him. This arvo we’re heading to Jaycee park for a session, should be good.



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From the Vault.

A friend of mine reminded me of this spot today and it got me thinking about a bunch of moves Mick Bayzand did on it probably three years ago now if not longer. Mick went to town on it and most of the photos we shot never saw the light of day so I thought I would bring this one out.


Alex off to the states today…

Alex Hiam is off on his first ever trip to the states today. We will head firstly to Greenville to stay with Ryan & then head to Woodward East for a few days then back to Greenville again. We will also spend couple days in Cali on the way home. Expect various updates from the trip here every few days.


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France video…

Soul BMX from France have a video from the weekend we spent in Aurillac, France. It’s got some comp footage including Mick Bayzand bringing home the bacon, a little street & an indoor bowl session we had. Worth checking out for sure.

Click here now to check it out.

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New Splash Page.

We have a new splash page up, this one is of Mick Bayzand from the recent Europe trip we took. Goodtimes.


Team changes…

I have some rather big team changes to announce which are never easy things to do.

As of today, Liam Fahy-Hampton & Nick Richardson are no longer on the Colony pro team.

It was a very difficult decision to make but one that had to be done. Everything is still cool between us all though. Both Liam & Nick will still be getting flowed Colony product for as long as they need or want it.

I would like to publicly thank them both for everything over the past years. Thanks for being a part of the journey with Colony & I wish you both the best in your future endeavours. At this point in time, both guys have no plans or desires for ride for any new bike companies.

In the next few days we will release some farewell edits from footage gathered recently from both guys.

Thanks again for everything guys – Clint Millar.



Alex Hiam update…

Alex Hiam recently put together a new bike with a 2011 Sweet Tooth frame packed with some of our new 2011 parts. The colour is our new Red Storm which will be available in September.

Alex & I are also off to the states this Friday for two weeks. We will visit Greenville & stay at Ryan’s place as well as a road trip up to Woodward East, can’t wait. Looks our for web updates here & a full story in 2020 magazine in the coming months.

Oh yeah, click here now to check out Alex’s bike shop sponsor, Crossley Cycles.

Thanks to Ange for the photos.


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Jonny Devine update…

Jonny Devine is over here in Brisbane for a month to ride & check out what Brisbane has to offer. He dropped by the office yesterday & I snapped some quick pics of his current ride. He also picked up a new frame too so you can expect to see him on a nice Candy Red Gnarkill here in Brisbane. Jonny also has a Fat Fav’s over on the Fat BMX website which you can check out by clicking here now. It even features some photos taken at the Beenleigh BMX park.


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2020 Print Advert.

Below is our double page advert in the current issue of 2020. Bit of a story behind this one as Clint has talked about wanting to do it this rail for years, 10 years to be exact. Last time I was in Brisbane we went down to this rail to suss it out, we got there too late in the evening to do it but Millar called it out so the next day we went there and he fired it out first go!


Marnold bike check…

Marnold has a bike check over on the Simplified BMX website from France. Check it out by clicking here now. Thanks to Unleaded & Simplified BMX for hooking it up.


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Trip Round up #2

Some more photos from our trip across France and Barcelona, thanks again to Unleaded for helping us out across France.

First up we have Mick Bayzand hanging a rail in France, then we have Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand and Bruno Faucon chilling before the comp down in Aurillac and last but not least this was a spot in Marseille that the locals took us to and a school group were stoked on BMX, they had Marnold doing stunts for them.




Trip Round up #1

The trip is coming to an end now, we have a 15 hour flight in the morning then another 8 hours to get home, besides Mick Bazyand who has to wait in singapore for 15 hours until his 2nd flight. Here a few photos I put aside from the trip, I will post up a few more as well.

First up is a photo of me, on the borrowed bike I used for most the trip. Then we have a photo from the centre of Barcelona and last up is a photo of Zac Miner who unfortunately dislocated his knee half way through the trip but he kept positive the whole time.




Shintaro checks in…

Shintaro just got back from Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia for an event there called ‘Kejohanan BMX National 2010’. There were riders from all over the world including Canada, Japan, Singapore, Philippines & of course Malaysia. As always Shintaro had a great time & will be back next time.


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Our last day in France…

Today we had a relaxing day which started out at a lunch time picnic at the beach in Palavas. I had been there back in 2001 for a FISE contest so it was cool to go back there to chill by the water. After that we headed back into Montpellier to ride a ditch & a little street. This soon turned into a few drinks at the Australia Pub right by the river. It was a good way to spend the last full day in France. We’re now in Marseille for our flight back to Barcelona for one night before the long 36 hour journey home.

I would like to thank Unleaded for all their amazing support during this trip, without you guys it would not have been so amazing. I would also like to thank everyone who showed us around to spots & showed us great hospitality. Much appreciated !!


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We trekked down to Montpellier and although it was terrible weather in Lyon once we got here it was great! We had a great days riding around some local spots, it was good to have a solid days riding after a few days of wet weather. Thanks to all the locals who showed us around.