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A bit of 2008 footage…

Here is a little edit that Glen McGlaughlin (Colony warehouse manager) made up from some almost lost footage from back in 2008. Check it.

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One for the Ringwood Locals…

Here is one just for the Ringwood Locals !! Shot in France at an awesome plaza that we dropped by to ride.



We drove down to Marseille France yesterday and thanks to the locals we rode some amazing spots then we were treated to ride an indoor park which was no doubt the best indoor park I have ever been to. The photo below is of Mick Bayzand getting his box jump game on!


Shintaro in Austin.

This edit features Shintaro from his time in Austin Texas for the Mc Duff Jam that happened recently.

France Updates.

After a bit of a mission to get here we are now in France, we took two trains, a bus and then a two hour drive, all up it was about 11 hours to get to where we are now but it was worth it, we put together a bike for myself and had a fun day out riding with the locals at a cool street plaza park and then we had a roll around at some spots, thanks to Unleaded and the locals for their hospitality.


Barcelona coming to an end.

As the Barcelona leg of this trip comes to an end I thought I would post up a few random shots. Have a look at the photo of Zac Miner jumping the gap, this clip got missed as a car was coming to where Zac was going to land hence why you can see Clint waving but Zac was to focused and got it done.


More Barcelona…

Here are a few random pics from the last few days of riding around Barcelona. Today is our last day & we will head down to the Forum to ride there for one last time. Hopefully should be a bust free zone. We head off to France tomorrow to hang with the guys from Unleaded. Should be good times & a welcome change from recent events here.




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Simon’s Dejavu DVD

Simon O’Brien’s second solo DVD is out now & is getting some rave reviews. Check out a few of them by clicking here & here now. Then click here or here to get the DVD now.

dejavudvd 52

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One Less Bike.

So it seems Barcelona cops have decided it’s time to take action on bmxers and skaters that are riding spots here. Yesterday I had my bike confiscated by them for no real reason at all, all I was doing was riding a bank, no grinding no damaging property but with this language barrier all I know is that I just lost my bike! Whilst we were at the police station there was a booklet about how skating in the streets was an offence, I’m not sure if this is a new thing but either way anyone who heads over here be careful.

As much fun has it has been here I am really looking forward to going to France on Monday and hanging out with theĀ Unleaded guys. The photo below is of Marnold shredding one of my favourite spots that I got to ride.


Hibiscus BMX comp…

August 1st is the date for a BMX comp at Hibiscus skate park in Brisbane. We’re getting behind the event with prizes. Get yourself there for a good day on the bike. Check the flyer for more details.

hibez comp complete flatten

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Mike Cz from Brisbane has started up a new clothing brand called Afray. Colony team members Zac Miner, Liam Fahy-Hampton & Tom Stretton are on the team as well as Raph Jeroma-Williams. I am really down with the look & feel of what Afray is about. Check out their site by clicking here in the weeks/months ahead for more.


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Barcelona Day Four.

Today started off good, we hit a bunch of spots which was fun however things turned from good to bad over the course of the day, we got kicked out of a couple of spots then ventured out of town a bit of more and rode a real fun spot for a fair while, then we were just eating some food around the corner from the last spot when four police officers pulled up, pointed at me and proceeded to speak in Spanish which all we got out of it was that they were giving me a fine for grinding on the rail (which I actually didn’t) they then asked me which bike was mine, I tried to keep it all nice so I showed them and the dude literally took my bike and put it in the cop car, because of the language barrier we have no idea what the story is. Basically all we know is that in two days we have to go to the police station and deal with it then.

The photo below is of happier times from yesterday after riding amazing spots all day and meeting new people.


Valvoline in NYC

Valvoline is in New York city on a trip with Marcelo from Dream BMX, our Brazilian distributor & came across this store in the city. Nice one !!


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The new issue of 2020 is out very soon, it has some coverage of a trip some of the team took from Brisbane to Canberra along with a trip that Richo and Guettler took to Sydney. It also features a Chris Courtenay interview which should be interesting.


Product highlight – Phantom Forks

Liam’s signature Phantom forks are designed tough enough to withstand all the abuse the big fella can throw at them. They also feature a shorter offset suited towards front wheel tricks. Couple with this strong drop outs & a tapered leg look & you get a fork to Liam’s exacting standards. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now. Or click here now for more details.


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Zac’s Birthday.

2nd day in Barcelona, Spain and it’s Zac Miner‘s 23rd birthday today, we had an amazing ride today at some awesome spots! The spot below was the first spot we hit up. So stoked!


Barcelona Day One.

We flew into Barcelona this morning after a very very long flight. We were all really tired but we went out and explored and had a ball riding around. Tomorrow we should be back on the normal sleep patterns, more updates to come…



Core Series Round 2 video…

Check it out… supported by us as always.

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All for a good cause…

Come out to the BMX Day Out at Beenleigh for a good cause. It’s all to celebrate the life of Leif Neilsen who has been given 18 months to live due to terminal cancer. Come one, come all, who love this thing we call BMX. See you there.


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