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Liam Marshall Bike Check

Over in New Zealand Liam Marshall recently setup a new build based aroudn a Bloody Oath frame. Check the specs and photos below.

Frame: Colony Bloody Oath.

Handlebars: Colony Sweet Tooth 9.4.

Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth.

Stem: Colony Squareback.

Hubs: Colony Wasp Hubs.

Rims: Colony Contour.

Cranks: Colony 22s.

Sprocket: Colony 28t Metria.

Pedals: Colony Fantastic.

Seat: Colony Shred Seat.

Liam Marshall bike check

Our main man over in New Zealand, Liam Marshall recently put together a fresh build. Fitted out with a
Monash 20.8″ frame, 9.4″ Sweet Tooth bars, Sweet Tooth forks, Square Back stem, 170mm 22’s cranks, CC 25t sprocket, Contour rims and Wasp hubs.

Thanks to Seth and Jared for the photos.

Liam Marshall bike check

Over in New Zealand, Liam Marshall just set up a fresh new bike that’s looking on point. Check the parts list below.

2017 Monash 21″.
Bio Mech bars.
Much Room grips.
Squareback stem.
Guardian forks.
22’s cranks.
Cc sprocket 25t.
Wasp hubs LHD.
Contour rims.
Fantastic plastic pedal.


Liam marshall interview

Liam from over in NZ has a good interview over on Zombie BMX. Check it out here. Thanks to Mike for hooking it up.


Liam Marshall bike check

New Zealand’s Liam Marshall sent over a few photos of his current ride, stacked with Colony product…

Colony Monash 20.8
Colony Guardian fork
Colony 24/7 bars
Colony Squareback stem
Colony 22 cranks
Colony CC sprocket 25t
Colony Wasp hubs
Colony Pinnacle & Pintour rims
Colony Alex hiam seat/post combo
Colony Fantastic Plastic pedals




Liam Marshall video

New Zealand’s Liam Marshall spent a couple weeks in Brisbane and his buddy Jayden Fuller was on hand to film and edit this IPhone video from his trip.

Liam Marshall update

Hey guys, not a whole lot has been happening in Nz lately as weather keeps changing its mind every other minute. Been getting out as much as I can but had bike stolen about a month ago on one of the first roadie for our summer. Been borrowing a bike to try get out but have just had my new one land. So stoked on how the bikes feeling and looking only after a couple of rides.

Going to be doing some demos this coming weekend in Auckland at big boys toys which should be a bit of fun.

photo 1

photo 2

Liam Marshall bike check

Liam Marshall over in New Zealand just setup a new rig loaded with Colony product

Miner frame 21tt
Guardian forks
24/7 bars
Colony Headset
Squareback Stem
Colonial cranks v2
Wasp hubs laced to Contour rims
CC sprocket
Fat Shield seat
Pivotal post
Fantastic plastic pedals