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Tom Stretton video

Jack Birtles really did well with this edit of Tom. Such a good vibe throughout and it just makes you want to go ride your bike, enjoy!


Cooper, Tom and Peta reflect on their time spent in California over the past few weeks. Thanks to RideBmx for putting this together.

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Real hustla’s don’t sleep…

We taken napps…

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Calling the shots!

We had a ball filming this at Chino park the other night. Thanks to Chris Long for filming this. The last clip was filmed literally 1 minute before the lights went out in the park. More videos from Network A here.

Tom Stretton bike check

Over on Vital, Tom Stretton has a video bike check which has some good footage he filmed the other day over here in LA.

Tom Stretton Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Off to the states…

Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to the states this morning. Quick little photo at the Qantas Club waiting to go… yeah!

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Colony team in the USA…

Today Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to the USA to ride. A few days later Chris Courtenay & Alex Hiam will be meeting us in Cali as well where we will ride around & stay with Ryan Guettler.

Then the week of June 3rd till June 9th, we will all travel to Woodward West along with Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser, Paddy Gross & Brandon Van Dulken. We will be at Woodward West to ride with the campers & film for an edit or two. If you’re lucky enough to be staying at Woodward West that week (week 1 of camp), make sure you come up & say hi to us all.

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T-Strett for LUX BMX edit…

I really enjoyed this. Tom Stretton doing his thing for LUX BMX like only he can. Pure genius.

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Zac and tom Sydney trip

Zac and Tom just finished up a quick Sydney trip filming for the 2020 dvd, both the guys clipped up and had a blast.

Sydney update

Tom and Zac just shot through an update about there current Sydney trip…

“Myself and Zac are down here in Sydney filming for the 2020 DVD and so far its been awesome! Finally conquered a ledge here I’ve wanted to get for a long time and Zac did some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen down graffiti tunnel! So much fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Anyway if you say see us out come say g’day. I’m out of here for the party.”

Off to Sydney today…

Chris Courtenay, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to Sydney for 5 days to ride & film. Tom will be staying in Sydney & meeting up with Zac Miner while the rest of us including Ryan Guettler will be travelling out to Bathurst for the weekend. Should be good times.

Tom off to Sydney

Tom is off to Sydney today for a week to film for the 2020 DVD with Troy Charlesworth. Hopefully the weather holds out for the guys and if you see them around hit up the guys and say hi! I hear Tom has a couple signed copies of the Colony dvd for the first 2 people to ask him to do an hang five.

Roadtrip to Newtons…

We have a road trip planned for this week starting in Sydney.

Chris Courtenay, Peta Shepherd, Tom Stretton & myself will meet up with Ryan Guettler in Sydney on Wednesday then ride some of Sydney’s parks on offer. Thursday we will ride a bunch of parks on our way out to Bathurst for Newtons Nation on the weekend. Should be a good few days & the comp at Newtons should be really good as well. Reports from the road no doubt, so check back through out the week.

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Q&A: Tom Stretton

We fired some quick questions at Stretton to see what he has been up to, check it below and look out for more of these to come with the guys.

Last movie you watched…

We Bought a Zoo. Probably one of my favourite movies now!

A musician you are hyped on at the moment…

Been to listening to a whole heap of Ray Charles Classics. Always stoked on Bobby Womack too.

What did you get up to yesterday?

When Riding with Shane Batchler, Yonny Wakefield and Troy Charlesworth. Batcho clipped two bangers for the 20/20 DVD. So Good!

Last time you came off your bike pretty hard…

Last one that springs to mind was at a curve wallride in the valley. Didn’t pull off the wall properly and came straight down bars in stomach. Glad I had Bar ends on.

Websites you have been hitting up of late…

I always check Colony, Diversity Bmx, CrispyStream and Afray.

Last clip you filmed…

Just finished my LUX edit with Troy the same time Batcho got those 2 clips yesterday. Sort of the same as my last clip in the Colony DVD.

Last meal you ate…

Mums Honey Chicken and Fried Rice. So damn good.

Newest part on your bike…

Just put Teddy bars back on my bike and its the best thing ever. Everything feels good again.

Oldest part on your bike…

Would have to be my cranks or my back hub. I put grease in my back hub ages ago to make it quiet and usually they start slipping after a bit but not Colony one!

Last web video you watched…

Liam Zingbergs FTW!

Last SMS you received…

Ummm not any good ones for a while but the last good one was my sister saying they are expecting another baby. Uncle Tom again haha.


Add me to instagram,  @teabaggyballs and get me to more followers than the fake Big Salad haha!

Tom Stretton checks in…

Tom Stretton has been busy… read on below.

Hey guys just a little update on what I’ve been up to for you all.

Over the last month or so I’ve been filming a bunch with Troy Charlesworth for an edit for Lux BMX Store which is turning out really cool. Also been filming little bit for the new 2020 DVD which is so much fun!

Have also been filming an edit with Jack Birtles which I’ve mentioned before but we dont get the chance to get out all the time for it with the weather or just different priorities. He is over in New Zealand at the moment with some of the guys, so we will get straight back into it when he gets back hopefully. Hope your having a good time over there boys!!!

Also I came into the warehouse a little while ago and Clint really hooked me up with some new stuff for my setup. Pretty psyched so I’m going to send through a little bike check in the coming weeks. You’ll see a little photo below of my new Colony Contour rims that I just powder coated a really sweet blue that I’m pretty much in love with haha. The guys at Lux set them up for me with some really cool blue spokes as well, so thanks everyone!

In other news the guys at Lux have just got a new bench lathe and have done a few cool mods to my stem top bolt. Looks so clean but I’ll explain that all in the bike check when I get it done!

Oh and add me on instagram @teabaggyballs hahaa yewwwww Anyway I’m out of here for a ride. PEACE!

Tom Stretton checks in…

Tom Stretton has been keeping busy of late. Read on below to see what he has been up too…

Hey guys. Little update of what i’ve been up to lately. So glad it’s summer, even though it seems like we have only had a few days of sunshine as of late. However any day riding is a good one.

Lately I’ve been riding with alot of different people. Jack Birtles and myself have been working on a little skatepark sort of plaza edit for you guys which should be done real soon. It’s been so much fun filming for it and each time I feel like I’m getting that feeling where you are learning a trick for the first time. So much fun. Plus Jack is filming it so you know at least that will be ridiculously on point!

Also been filming for another quick little edit for Lux BMX Store and Afray with the biggest of salads, Troy Charlesworth. That has been mega fun as well. Can’t wait to get some more clippies for that one.

All in all, I’ve been riding when I can as much as I can and have just been searching for that feeling of finding new ground on your bike! Learning something that you didn’t think you could do before or something that you’ve never seen done before. I love that feeling. Can’t wait to go get on my bike in an hour!!!!!!!!!! Also shout out to all the boys at Morayfield. Wish I could get out there to ride with you guys more often but I’m ages away now 🙁 Except Tinny, I dont know whats up with that guy.

Anyway here’s a couple of photos from out filming with Jack and a little camera shot of filming with Salad. Peace!

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Vans / Colony Adelaide trip video

Back in early December of last year, we spent five days in Adelaide, South Australia riding a bunch of spots along with a few parks with the locals and this is the end result.

This was all to promote the up coming Vans / Colony shoe collaboration collection being released worldwide, in March this year.

Filmed by: Clint Millar, Cooper Brownlee, Ryan Guettler, Mick Bayzand, Tom Stretton and Zac Miner.

Edited by Cooper Brownlee.

Tom Stretton – Ten Clips V2

Tom Stretton is up now for his 2nd Ten Clips video now. Filmed at Albany Creek park on the northside of Brisbane, he threw down some solid stuff like only Tom can do. Check it out.

Filmed & edited by Cooper Brownlee with Stu Munro on the long lens tip.

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Afray rebirthed

Afray Denim Co. has now re-launched their site & the brand in general. Both Zac & Tom both ride for Afray & have some amazing clips in their mix tape edit which can be found over on the Afray site. Check it out by clicking here now.

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Advert: Tom Stretton

Our advert from The Albion issue 4, Tom nosey across and up as seen in the DVD.


Team Colony One Clip

Whilst we were in Adelaide we got this fun little one clip at the West Beach Park. Take note of Cooper riding Alex’s bike. Filmed by Alex Hiam.

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Team trip in Adelaide this weekend

This weekend pretty much the entire team will be in Adelaide to have a ride around. Come & say g’day at Little Black Bike Saturday at 1pm then come for a roll at the city park at 3pm, should be a good day. Come along say hi & have a roll with Ryan Guettler, Alex Hiam, Zac Miner, Mick Bayzand, Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Brock Olive, Liam Zingbergs, Valvoline & myself.

We will have some freebies at LBB & even some of the new Vans / Colony shoes on display for all to check out. These will be available March next year.

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New team pages…

It’s been a while coming but when you have a team as large as ours these things do take longer than expected. We have all new team pages with interviews, photos & videos on all the team members. This includes our newest editions to the pro team ranks, Marnold & Tom Stretton. Along with the flow team, flatland crew & family members there is plenty of new stuff to check out. This should keep you busy for a couple hours, plenty to read, watch & take in. Click here now to scope it all out in it’s freshness.

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Plazapalooza Pt3

John Young is well known for producing quality edits and this one fits the bill, good clips from Stretton, Miner and Zingbergs in there as well.

Colony / Vans trip in Adelaide

On December 3rd, 2011 almost the entire Colony team will be in Adelaide, South Australia. It’s all to help promote the up coming Vans / Colony collaboration shoe release. There will be two new models based off the Vans Wylie & Vans Milo shoes with Colony artwork. These will be out in March next year.

Ryan Guettler, Alex Hiam, Zac Miner, Mick Bayzand, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton, Liam Zingbergs, Brock Olive, Valvo & myself will be there.

We will be having an in-store at Little Black Bike at 1pm & then a ride at the city park at 3pm. Come along, meet the team, get some freebies & then let’s all have a ride. Should be a great day.

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Ten Clips continue.

A couple of days ago we spent the afternoon out at Albany Creek park in Brisbane filming another 10 clips edit with Tom, it went really well so expect to see it out in the coming weeks. Incase you missed it check here for Tom’s previous 10 clips edit.

Crispy Wooo.

Both Tom and Brock have some really good clips in this Crispy web video.

DVD Leftovers Mix.

Here is a collection of leftover clips from Tom, Zac and Marnold. Enjoy!

Stretton again

I am really enjoying these weekely edits with Stretton and Co. Always entertaining!


Happy birthday Tom Stretton !!

Today it’s Stretton’s birthday & he features in this cool edit of a few boys hitting Ramp Attak in Brisbane. The ledge combo’s Tom does in this are dialed! Hope you have a good one today mate !!