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Day trip

On the last day in Melbourne with Zac we hit up a couple spots to finish off a few things he wanted to film. Tom Stretton was also in town so he and Polly came along for the ride and fun times were had by all.


Tight spot for a tooth handled by Stretton.


After nearly losing his face, Zac came out of this pipe with a pretty awesome clip.


Polly finds a table spot everywhere we go.


Summer days at the most scenic spot in Melbourne.


Polly taking it all in at the beach.


I even got a roll in at the U-pipe.

Tom Stretton video

Tom broke his foot just as we were finishing up filming for his latest video but fortunately he had stacked plenty of wizard moves to be able to finish it up. Filmed around Australia and the USA.

We’ve also got a desktop download for you guys of this awesome shot Jack Birtles took, you can download it here.

Collective Two video

The 2nd instalment for the video project featuring as much of the team as possible and with as much diversity possible…

This one features Zac Miner, Paddy Gross, Dean Anderson, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Luke Parker, Clint Millar, Bobbie Altiser,, Mike Brennan, Pete Radivo, Brandon Van Dulken, Cooper Brownlee, Jourdan Barba, Michal Mycek, Stas Shatilo, Liam Marshall, Shuhei Maz Azuma, Alex Hiam and Polly.

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys just a little update to say what I’m up to. To be honest things just haven’t been going my way lately. With my dog passing and my ankle still not going it’s a struggle to keep finding motivation. However I’m still positive. I have no idea when I’ll be back on my bike as my ligaments are pretty much toast but I’m riding my Fixie and constantly trying to build the muscle up, so hopefully real soon.

On a good not I’m pretty sure my edit comes out super soon. We have finished all of it, edited and everything, and I think it will drop in the coming weeks. There’s also a little photo treat that will be for download thanks to the insanely talented Jack Birtles and his camera skills. Super pumped on the photo.

Anyway that’s it from me. Keep riding for me because I can’t at the moment hahaha.



Tom Stretton update

Hey guys,

Just checking in to let you know what’s up. So the doctor says I’m off for at least another three weeks with my leg. Then I have to start physio to build the strength back up. I’m so excited to get back on my bike and just roll down the street even. Best feeling.

Also, if you’re reading this and you still haven’t watched Alex’s new edit, GO WATCH IT NOW! Hahaha. Unbelievable!

Looking forward to seeing one of my favourite riders, Bobbie Altiser‘s new web edit which will be out real soon as well. So keep an eye out. Such a treat to watch.


Browns Plains jam on tomorrow

It’s on tomorrow !!

We have teamed up with 99 Bikes at Browns Plains to have a morning out at the new improved park in Browns Plains for a meet & greet with some of the team, our 2015 bikes & have a chilled ride as well. The guys will also be on hand with free posters & stickers. 99 Bikes will have our 2015 range of complete bikes & some parts on display as well. Chris Courtenay, Josh Dove & Millar will be there riding while Alex Hiam & Tom Stretton will be hanging out due to injury. So come on out & have a fun morning on the bike if you’re around.


Yo yo !!

Browns Plains jam with 99 Bikes

We have teamed up with 99 Bikes at Browns Plains to have a morning out at the new improved park in Browns Plains for a meet & greet with some of the team, our 2015 bikes & have a chilled ride as well. The guys will also be on hand with free posters & stickers. 99 Bikes will have our 2015 range of complete bikes & some parts on display as well. Chris Courtenay, Josh Dove & Millar will be there riding while Alex Hiam & Tom Stretton will be hanging out due to injury. So come on out & have a fun morning on the bike if you’re around.


Tom Stretton bike check

Tom recently set up a new rig which is looking super slick in the Gloss Black, check the photos and parts list below…

Frame – 2015 Colony Miner in Gloss Black
Forks – Division Formosa
Bars – Colony Hardy
Grips – Colony Much room
Stem – Colony Square Back
Headset – Colony
Seat – Colony Fat Combo
Seat post – Colony
Cranks – Colony Colonial V2
BB – Colony Mid BB
Sprocket – CC Sprocket
Pedals – Colony Plastics with copper Spindle
Hubs – Colony Wasp Hubs
Pegs – Colony Anyway Plastics
Rims – Colony Contour Leopard Rims








Tom Stretton broken off

Tom Stretton sent in a quick update…

Hey guys,

Just saying g’day and letting you know what I’ve been up to.

Recently I had been filming a lot to finish my edit off. A few good friends and me dug a really cool quarter out at the spillway which I have wanted to do since last summer which was so fun!

Unfortunately, I came off hard on that quarter and fractured my fibula down near my ankle. Nothing too serious and I should be back in about six weeks just in time for some summer fun!

Good news is my edit is all finished filming for. Missed out on two clips I really wanted because I got hurt but I’m still happy with the stuff we have. Look out for that coming real soon.

Huge thanks to Cooper for filming and of course the man Millsy for basically everything ever. Can’t wait for some epic times with the guys through summer.

Peace! – Tom.

broken off t strett

Yo yo !!

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys. Just checking in to say what’s up. Lately I have been trying to be busy with work and just ride when I can. We are still filming when we can but it’s not that easy. Still, things are coming along. Cooper Brownlee is coming up so visit with two more of my favorite people next week, Zac Miner and Mick Bayzand, so I’ll be riding and clipping with them hopefully.

If you see any of us out, make sure you come say hello. They are always down for a chat and a roll. Also, my leopard rims should be coming out real soon. Here is a photo to drool over haha. So stoked on how these came out.


Product update – Tom Stretton Leopard print Contour Rims

Tom Stretton looks at most things in riding a little differently to the rest of us. His riding is rather unique & refreshing, he always has something cool to offer no matter what the session is going down on. This will be Tom’s second official signature colour way for our Contour Rims & we are very stoked on how they came out. Using the very tough water transfer hydro graphics process these rims look so good.

You will be able to add a little Tom Stretton flavour to your bike come late August / early September through all good Colony dealers worldwide.





Yo yo !!

Tom Stretton update

Recently I have been working quite a bit. Along with being sick for a week or so it has made it quite difficult to ride my bike.

I’m still so pumped on how my bike feels everytime I jump on it lately. I built a new Miner frame up and it’s just amazing. Also stoked on my wheels that I think will be out later in the year so keep an eye out for those.

Anyway go ride your bike this weekend and have some fun! I know I’m going to. Until
Nex time errrebody.


D.I.Y in Melbourne (leftovers)

We had a bunch of footage leftover from the D.I.Y project so we put them together with some B-Roll to give you a little more insight into the 3 days in the heat…

Original video…

D.I.Y in Melbourne video

I knew of a few drain spots that already existed here in Melbourne so I spent some time fixing up a few along with creating some new spots and then invited some of the guys to come down, stay at my place and ride the spots for 3 days. We had to do this during the middle of summer so that we didn’t get washed away and to be able to build at the spots. This all worked well besides the temperatures going above 40 every day we were out but everyone made it work and had a blast doing so. Here is the video (and photos) from the project, hopefully we get to do another one next summer.












Coppin it Sweet – mix section

A good chunk of the team have some really good footage in the mix section of Stu Munro’s DVD. You can see more sections right here

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys just a quick update to say g’day.

I just finished up a trip to Canberra for the ACT jam. Was a killer time and full of killer people. The level of riding there was insane! Canberra is sick. Thanks so much to Millsy and Colony for another amazing trip.

Other than that I have been riding solo a lot. Nothing better than clearing my head on my bike. Have some things in the works products wise too so keep an eye out.

Go out and have some fun on your bike!


Tom Stretton update

Hey guys.

Just checking in to say g’day. Been filming a bit with Vocko lately for the edit I’ve been working on. So be on the lookout for that soon. I’ll be down in Canberra for the ACT Jam this month so come and say g’day! Can’t wait to see all the guys and have some good times.

Also the new 2020 DVD “That’s What’s Up” just came out and it is unbelievable. Shout out to Troy Charlesworth, Matt Holmes and everyone involved for the great job. Hit the 2020 site here and download it for just 5 bucks. If that’s not enough, in the bonus section, the man himself Shane Batchler has a clip of the best tail whip to abubaca you will probably ever see haha.

Till next time,


Tom Stretton update

Tom just shot over an update which made my day because we always talk about this photo and how it was the first time I saw him ride, I was blown away by all his cross footed moves. As Tom mentions, we are now good friends, travelled the world together and spent countless hours filming clips, all of which I hope continue to happen for years to come.

“Just found this old photo of me in an early FocalPoint magazine deep in my cupboard haha.

This was my first ever photo in a magazine. It’s pretty funny to think that Cooper Brownlee took this photo years before I even met him and now I get to call him a good friend and our team manager haha. Thanks for putting me in the magazine and not knowing my name, Coops haha.

Also the photo down the bottom is from out filming for an edit I’m working on. Been having a lot of fun. Thanks Kyle for the photo.

Now go ride your bike!!

tom1 tom2


A few photos of the team guys that we’ve had sitting around of late.




Adelaide trip

I just got back from a trip we took over to Adelaide with Mick, Tom, Chris and Luke. We were over there filming for a video in conjunction with the Elizabeth Riders committee which will be used for helping teach kids in school about BMX.

The trip was a blast and all the crew we hung with were real cool. Thanks to Dave Rubinich for hooking us up with these dialed photos.








Tom Stretton update

Everyone’s favourite Tom Stetton just sent over the latest happenings up north…

“Hey guys, just wanted to tell everyone what I have been up to. At the moment I have been at home and just riding as much as I can. It’s been hard with all the partying through the holidays but I have been having so much fun on my bike.

I recently just went into the warehouse and picked up a fresh wheel set up and what I have to say is my new favorite part EVER, the 4 piece Hardy Bars. I have been riding with them for 2 days now and I can’t get enough of them. So yeah, thanks a lot as always Clint and Colony. 4 piece forever! haha.

Been riding with a lot of different people and filming a bunch for different shit which is always fun too. So expect to see some footy In the near future guys. For now an edit of Bobbie and myself is online. Was a whole bunch of fun to film so check it out if you want.

Big shout out to Lux BMX store for always rigging my bike up dialed. Follow them on Instagram @luxbmx and follow me while you’re at it haha @tom_stretton


Tom Stretton & Bobbie Altiser doubles video

A few months ago Tom and Bobbie spent some time in the USA and during that time they came up with the idea of shooting a doubles video together. As you can see their riding styles gel well together so we knew it was going to be a treat! This was a lot of fun to shoot so hopefully that shines through in the video.

Web Advert – Tom Stretton

Pretty sure Tom pulled this off camera and we thought we were going to cop the deadly camera curse but it actually didn’t take that long to get. Some local guy just chillin’ in his car was so hyped on it, as if he’d never seen anyone coast on the front wheel before. I guess that would be pretty amazing to an outsider.

tom promo

Happy Halloween

This one’s for th USA crew out there from Colony and Tom Stretton!


On the road

Myself, Ryan, Tom, Jourdan and Bobbie are heading north of LA at the moment on a filming trip. So far it’s been a blast, hitting up some nice parks and spots and just sort of playing it by ear on where we are going. We will hopefully get to Portland in the next day or 2. Here are a few random shots from the trip.





More from San Diego

Yesterday we had the pleasure of riding the Home Ave Ditch, for me this has been a spot I have wanted to hit for years and it didn’t let us down. Massive shout out to anyone that played apart in making that spot what it is today.



San Diego trip

Myself, Bobbie Altiser and Tom Stretton are out in San Diego for a few days before we start the long drive to Austin. We’ve been hitting up the Ocean Beach park which is a blast and the locals are real cool so hit it up anytime you are in the area.



Antipodes – Full video

The full video of the French Ride Sessions who came over to Australia in january for a month just went online. Both Clint and Tom have a couple clips throughout.


Tom, Dean and Mick all pop up in this left overs section from the recent Antipodes DVD from the French magazine Soul. The DVD was filmed from a months trip 5 French riders took to Australia.

Tom Stretton 2013 web video

Tom is such a delight to film with, sure his clips may sometimes take forever to get but standing out in the freezing cold late at night is well worth it when he comes through with something special. We collected some great footage for this video, most of which was on roadtrips throughout Australia enjoying the sunshine and the places we came across along the way.

Have a watch then watch again!