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Instavids – Jack & Dean at ACT Jam

Couple cool clips of Jack and Dean from the weekend…

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Jack Kelly update

I recently flew to China for the Asian X-Games and managed to place 9th in street after qualifying for finals, very stoked with that result and the entire experience of it all. It’s so crazy to be hanging out/riding with dudes I look up to in a foreign country.

I also drove to Sydney last week with DJ and Coop to stay with Chris Whyte and to film for my next Colony web video which should be out very shortly. Thanks to Chris for letting us stay.




Have Fun With It.

The guys at Focalpoint recently uploaded the full length DVD they released back in 2011. It heavily features Marnold, Cooper, Jack and Mick. Check out the while video below.

Yo yo !!

Instavids – Jack kelly

Nice clip of JK from a stop at Wodonga park whilst driving to Sydney yesterday…

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Melbourne park mix

Our friend Frenchie has been filming this mixtape since he moved to Melbourne and it came out pretty nice. Jack, Polly, Marnold and Luke Parker all have some great clips throughout…

Jack Kelly off to China

Jack was invited to the China X-Games this year so this morning he is jumping on a plane and spending a week there for the comp. Best of luck brother, enjoy!

Jack Kelly in Adelaide

I traveled to Adelaide for the Easter long weekend to hang out and ride with some interstate friends from Eat Children Crew. I got to ride a few parks and street spots that I hadn’t ridden before which was a treat and hanging out with those dudes is always a good time. I also filmed a bunch of clips with Rhys, Doug and Moz and some little instavideos which you can see below.

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

Thanks to Rhys, Liam, Tony and Moz for letting me stay at their houses and driving me about to ride!

The Package 1

The Package series from Focalpoint is back and Cooper just released the first mixtape which also features clips of Jack, Luke, Marnold and Mick. Check it out and be on the lookout for more videos in the future.

Yo yo !!

Jack Kelly update

The last month or so I’ve been riding a fair bit of park around Melbourne while Cooper is away, and looking for new street spots and ideas to film for my next web video. The new colony Monash prototype frame has been amazing, really strong and the geometry is perfect.

I also managed to film a few instagram videos, if you don’t already you can follow me on instagram @killjack to see more of the quick clips I post. peace!

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

Jack Kelly bike check

JK has a bike check over on the DATA BMX website. Click this link to check it out…


Jack Kelly update

These past couple of weeks I’ve been mostly riding local parks, a little street and my flat rail with good friends while the boss man aka Cooper Brownlee has been away. But I got a few clips with him this past weekend and a few pictures. I also caught the tail end of Colony’s shop tour a couple of weeks back and hung out at Strictly, Prahran and Box Hill to ride with the locals.



On the Road – Victoria

Here is the final raw video from our recent trip. Thanks to all the shops and crew that came out for a roll, we had a blast…

Pool party

Coops just posted up a feature over on FP from a pool they rode recently. Both Jack and Mick have images within the gallery as well, check them all here.


Yo yo !!

JK on China’s next top model

I worked on the set of China’s next top model on the weekend with Frenchie, got paid a bunch to do basically nothing and just ride and pose for the cameras as the models did there thing. Can’t wait to see the episode, there’s a photo of about twenty Chinese dudes strapping like 100 go-pros to our bikes.




Jack Kelly park video

Frenchie filmed and edited this park video of JK for TCU filmed throughout Melbourne over a few sessions at some local parks. Super hyped on that tooth over pegs to nose manual…

Happy New Year

From all of us at Colony we would like to thank you for all of the support and good times in 2014. I gathered some of my favourite shots from the year for a bit of a recap… Let’s do it all again this year!
















Jack Kelly down

Jack Kelly had a rough day last week taking a few harsh slams but getting up and continuing the day out but towards the end of the day he took a fall which did’t look that bad but unfortunately tweaked his foot which is going to keep him on the bike for a couple weeks. For now check out his most recent video.

Some how he got back up from this crash…

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 9.34.00 pm

Flem Banks left overs

Some of the crew have clips throughout the left overs video from the Flem Banks jam that went down in Melbourne last month…


Hot moves from some of the crew in this mixtape from the ECC. Ricky’s last clip is amazing.

Jack and Dean @ Flem Banks

A few shots of Jack and Dean from the recent Flem Banks jam. Thanks to James Patterson for the images.




Collective Two video

The 2nd instalment for the video project featuring as much of the team as possible and with as much diversity possible…

This one features Zac Miner, Paddy Gross, Dean Anderson, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Luke Parker, Clint Millar, Bobbie Altiser,, Mike Brennan, Pete Radivo, Brandon Van Dulken, Cooper Brownlee, Jourdan Barba, Michal Mycek, Stas Shatilo, Liam Marshall, Shuhei Maz Azuma, Alex Hiam and Polly.

Jack Kelly – Welcome to Pro video

This video has been in the works for quite some time which I think you can tell that from the finished product. Jack absolutely killed it and we wanted to tie in the video release with the news of welcoming him to the pro team. So here it is, enjoy!

Jack Kelly in Adelaide

Last week I headed to Adelaide to ride and film with Troy Charlesworth, Brock Olive & Mike Vockenson for an Australia mixtape Troy is working on and also to film with Vocko for Crispy Stream. Adelaide has an abundance of flat rails and spots in general which is awesome, and one of the best BMX scenes in Australia. Thanks to Rhys Gogel for letting us stay at his place and driving us around all over Adelaide & thanks to Dave Rubinich for the pictures.