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Milosz Siajkowski Bike Check

Milosz recently built up a fresh Monash build over in Poland. Stacked with Guardian Forks, Square Back Stem, Contour Rims, 22’S Cranks, CC Sprocket and Wasp Hubs.

Thanks to Ave BMX Shop for helping Attila out.

Bobbie Altiser bike check

Bobbie recently setup a new rig and sent through some images of it all setup.

Frame: Sweet Tooth 21″.
Forks: Guardian.
Bars: Kill Bars.
Stem: Squareback.
Headset: Colony.
Cranks: 170mm 22’s.
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic.
Sprocket: Menace Guard.
Hubs: Wasp front / Freecoaster rear.
Rims: Contour.
Brakes: Brethren, RX3 Rotary.
Grips: Much Room grips.
Tyres: Agenda 2.15″.
Seat: Asphalt Pivotal.
Post: Colony.
Pegs: Alloy inner from Anyway Plastics.

Chris Bracamonte bike check

Bracamonte just setup a new Versatil frame in the Victor Salazar colourway which is looking tight! Full parts list and images below…

Frame: Versatil.
Forks: Sweet Tooth.
Bars: Tenacious.
Stem: Squareback.
Front Wheel: Colony Wasp / Contour rim.
Rear Wheel: Freecoaster Hub / Contour rim.
Seat: CC Combo.
Cranks: 22’s.
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic.
Sprocket: Menace Guard.
Tyres: Griplock.
Pegs: Anyway Plastics.
Headset: Colony.
Bottom Bracket: Colony Mid 22mm.









Liam Marshall bike check

Over in New Zealand, Liam Marshall just set up a fresh new bike that’s looking on point. Check the parts list below.

2017 Monash 21″.
Bio Mech bars.
Much Room grips.
Squareback stem.
Guardian forks.
22’s cranks.
Cc sprocket 25t.
Wasp hubs LHD.
Contour rims.
Fantastic plastic pedal.


Chris Bracamonte bike check video

Chris Bracamonte knows how to handle a long rail or 6! Watch him do just that in this new video whilst we give you a run down of his current Tradition set-up.

Chris Courtenay bike check

Chris Courtenay recently setup a new bike stacked with Colony product. Check the list below along with some detailed images of his rig.

Frame – Sweet Tooth 2017 Trans Metal gold 20.7
Forks – Sweet Tooth.
Bars – Sweettooth 8.8.
Cranks – 22’s in 170mm.
Front wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim.
Rear wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim with alloy driver.
Tyres – Grip Lock 2.35.
Stem – Squareback.
Pedals – Fantastic Plastic.
Seat – CC Combo Tie Dye.
Sprocket – CC sprocket 25 tooth Rainbow.
Brakes – Brethren brakes in Rainbow, Colony upper and lower cables with Colony lever.






Victor Salazar bike build

Victor puts together the brand new Versatil frame in his signature colour (Azure Grey) down at Epic BMX.

Alex Hiam’s new setup

Alex built up his new 21″ Sweet Tooth bike and it looks rad! Thanks to LUX for shooting the images.





Jack Kelly bike check

Included with all the new goodies landing at the moment is Jack Kelly‘s signature Monash frame. So as soon as he could get his hands on the production model he pieced it together with a fresh stack of parts including the new Makita frame colourway. Check it all here in detail.


Nathan Sykes video bike check

Nathan shreds his local of FOD trails whilst giving you a run down of what he runs within the Colony range.

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Parts list:
Colony Tradition frame.
Colony Guardian Forks.
Colony 8.8″ Sweet Tooth bars.
Colony Squareback stem.
Colony Wasp hubs.
Colony 22’s Cranks.

Josh Dove bike check

Whilst I was in Brisbane last week I spent some time hanging out with Josh stacking clips for his next video part. But we also shot some photos of his bike and riding so hit this link to check out what the 13 year old from Brisbane., Australia is running at the moment.


Anthony Napolitan video bike check

Anthony flows through his local trails spot whilst showcasing his current ride. Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte.

Parts List:
Colony 21″ Tradition frame.
Colony RX3 Rotary detangler.
Colony Sweet Tooth bars.
Colony Brethren Brakes.
Colony Shield Pivotal seat.
Colony Pivotal post.
Colony Guardian forks.

Dean Anderson video bike check

Fresh of his recent Colony video part we have Dean Anderson smashing around a new park in Leongatha, Victoria. Dean is running the Sweet Tooth frame along with a stack of Colony parts.

And checkout Deans recent video part:

Michal Mycek’s rig

Damn Mycek’s bike is looking fresh. Built around a Monash frame, this beast is stacked with Colony product.


Bruno Faucon’s rig

Bruno‘s Monash setup is looking super fresh!


Tanguy Labertrande’s bike check

Tanguy over in France just recently got a fresh Monash frame and parts. Check the bike check feature we just posted right here.


Chris Courtenay video bike check

Chris Courtenay gets a session in at The Village park and Supply whilst showing off the parts that make up his current ride. Waatch more video bike checks right here.

Chris Bracamonte bike check

Probably the biggest rig within the team, Chris Bracamonte rolls long and high.

Colony 21.25 Tradition frame
Colony Sweet Tooth forks
Colony Tenacious bars
Colony Squareback stem
Colony 22’s cranks
Colony Fantastic plastic pedals
Colony Pursuit sprocket 28t
Colony Wasp hubs
Colony Mid BB
Colony Contour rims
Colony Wasp front hub guards
Colony Anyway plastic pegs
Colony CC seat/post combo












Lux BMX custom Sweet Tooth

The guys over at Lux BMX built up this custom Sweet Tooth for one very lucky customer.

Check it out in full detail here now.


Yo yo !!

Clint Millar bike check

Clint recently setup a fresh new Prody frame stacked with Colony parts, check the images and parts list below.

Frame: 2017 Prody 20.6″ in Brownston one off colour
Fork: Division Valhalla with mounts (one off pair)
Bars: Hardy Bars
Grips: Much Room
Bar Ends: Konka
Stem: Official
Headset: Colony with adjustable spacer
Detangler: RX3 Rotary with cables to suit
Front Brakes: Brethren
Rear Brake: Brethren
Levers: Brethren
Cranks: 22’s 165mm
BB: Colony 22mm MID
Sprocket: Colony Cadiz 25T
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow Spokes & Wasp Hub in Black
Front Tyre: Agenda 2.15″
Rear Wheel: Contour Rim Chrome with Rainbow Spokes & Wasp Cassette RHD in Black with Alloy Wasp Driver
Rear Tyre: Agenda 1.9″
Pegs: Anyway Plastic (sleeves removed)
Hub guards: Wasp front & rear
Seat: Alex Hiam Fat Combo











Alex Hiam’s current ride

Alex’s current rig, stacked with Colony product including the Sweet Tooth range of parts.



Chris Bracamonte’s rig

What a beast! 21.25 Tradition frame and 10″ Tenacious bars


Polly video bike check

Polly gets in a session at Lilydale park in Melbourne whilst giving you a look at his current ride.

Liam Marshall bike check

New Zealand’s Liam Marshall sent over a few photos of his current ride, stacked with Colony product…

Colony Monash 20.8
Colony Guardian fork
Colony 24/7 bars
Colony Squareback stem
Colony 22 cranks
Colony CC sprocket 25t
Colony Wasp hubs
Colony Pinnacle & Pintour rims
Colony Alex hiam seat/post combo
Colony Fantastic Plastic pedals




Luke Parker video bike check

Luke Parker sessions Knox park in Melbourne whilst giving you a closer look at what he runs on his bike., Check out the full parts list and subscribe to our Youtube channel right here.

Stas Shatilo bike build

Stas Shatilo builds up his new Colony rig then gets in a session at a few local parks.

Filmed by Sadyg Kyrchev, Stas Shatilo, Serdyuk Shurva, Flyman and Rembo.

Edited by Stas Shatilo.

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2017 bike range samples

Hot off the press is this spy photo I took for you on our 2017 bike ranges. These will hit stores around September / October this year. Designed in Brisbane, built in Taiwan at the world’s best bike factories.

Yo yo !!

Dean Anderson bike check

A couple weeks ago when we were in Brisbane Dean put together a fresh new Sweet Tooth frame along with a bunch of new parts and it didn’t take him long to get use to it.

Frame: Colony Sweet Tooth.
Forks: Colony Guardian.
Bars: Colony Kill Bars.
Stem: Colony Square Back.
Headset: Colony.
Cranks: Colony 22’s.
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
Hubs: Colony Wasp Hubs.
Rims: Limited Green Storm Contour rims.
Sprocket: Colony 25T Cadiz.
Pegs: Colony Anyway plastics.
Grips: Colony Much Room.









Bobbie Altiser bike check

Bobbie has a very in-depth bike check interview over on the BMX Union website, check out all the images and info right here.



Luke Parker bike check

I met up with Luke Parker at his local park yesterday morning before the heat set in and we shot a bunch of photos of his current ride…

Frame: Colony Monash 20.8TT.
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth.
Bars: Colony Hardy.
Stem: Colony Square Back.
Headset: Colony.
Cranks: Colony 22’s.
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
Hubs: Colony Freecoaster, Colony Wasp.
Rims: Colony Contour.
Sprocket: CC 25T.
Pegs: Colony Anyway plastics.