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Liam Marshall update

Hey guys, not a whole lot has been happening in Nz lately as weather keeps changing its mind every other minute. Been getting out as much as I can but had bike stolen about a month ago on one of the first roadie for our summer. Been borrowing a bike to try get out but have just had my new one land. So stoked on how the bikes feeling and looking only after a couple of rides.

Going to be doing some demos this coming weekend in Auckland at big boys toys which should be a bit of fun.

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photo 2

Brandon update

Hey guys,

Hope all is well! Here’s a couple photos from a little road trip to the Kootenays. We luckily got a day of riding in since the weather in B.C is getting bad so I’m pumped about that. Epic drive and fun little parks!

Turndown was shot by Amos Franke.



Zac Miner update

Sup y’all. So I’ve been bit busy lately with my ramp in the backyard, trying to fine tune it with some fresh ply. This things going to be tight, should be sick but! Took some time away to get up the Halloween jam in Sydney, was sick to see the Sydney crew still hold it down for a sick jam. Was cool see some old faces and some new dudes kill it! Managed to sneak a pic of Coops lay out a sick pancake from the jam…

photo 1

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Chris Bracamonte video

Chris has been riding for Colony for just over a year now so I am stoked to finally get his welcome video all done and out for your viewing pleasure. Chris to me is a silent shredder, he just cruses on through life quietly killing it on a bike and also behind the lens, Thanks to the guys that helped out filming some of the clips when I wasn’t in town…

Jourdan Barba bike check

Jourdan Barba just set-up a fresh new bike which includes his signature Menace guard sprocket and the fresh Leopard print Contour rims.





Nathan Sykes, Ditch Daze

A few real nice shots of Nathan shot by Matt Cordova who recently got a fresh new camera set-up. Cranked turndown!

photo 1

photo 2

Adelaide trails jam

Myself, Polly and Dean drove over to Adelaide for a few days to film and hit up the trails jam. The day was real fun and great to see so many good people, quick shot of Dean from the trails. Shoutout to LBB and all the crew that made the day work and dig at the trails.


Attila Godi bike check

Over in Hungary, Attila Godi just set up a real fresh looking Burna frame. You can see the full bike check right here. Such a nice looking bike.



Nathan Sykes in Mexico

Nathan just got back from a 5 day trip doing shows in Mexico and Indiana, no doubt it was a crazy time. Here are a few photos Nathan sent through…