Ryan Guettler shot through an update on what he has been up too of late…

I’ve been very busy the last 2 months and have a huge month ahead of me. Over August I’ve done the Vans HB bowl comp, Colony Woodward week, Mongoose Woodward east comp and now just finished the Vans ECSC comp. I’ve been progressing and getting better results as the events have been going on. The Mongoose comp was really cool & we got good results in dirt with our team ending up getting 2nd place.

Then this past weekend I went to Norfolk VB to compete in the Vans ECSC comp and came home with 3rd place. Really happy how the comp went and against that field of riders I can’t complain.
Now I have a week off so I’ll be working on new tricks and filming a lot for upcoming videos. Then of to Mexico City for a big comp Sept 6th.



Yo yo !!