Tom just shot through an update from the latest happenings…

“I went on a trip up down through Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne not long ago and it was unbelievable. Met the most amazing people and had the best time riding with the crew. Thanks so much to everyone we met and as always thanks to Cooper for constantly putting his neck out for us.

For the last month or so I have been staying in Brisbane city solo and just trying to ride as much as I can and definitely partying haha. Pretty much each weekend my best mate Shane Batchler has been staying with me and we have been running a muck haha. For those of you who don’t know who Shane is, he is pretty much the godfather of the tailwhip and all things liquor based. Learn yo shit hahah.

I’m currently working on an edit and a few other things which I hope everyone will enjoy. I don’t get the chance to film much so we will see what happens. Keep an eye out.

Until next time, peace!

Oh and follow me on instagram hahaaaaa @tom_stretton it’s just basically photos of my dog, the sun or stupid situations I get myself into.”