Here is something a little outside the usual BMX world here but one many will appreciate regardless. For many months now we have been working on this joint project together with Type 2 Detectives in the UK, who are one of the more famous VW custom shops on the planet. To have them contact us and offer such a colab was an honour and one that we could not pass up.

Basically the plan was to build to our own look and specs, an awesome and very rare, 1965 VW Type 3 Squareback panel van. The idea was to make it into vintage look company car, complete with roof racks for a couple bikes. The perfect promo vehicle and a lot of fun to boot. It was debuted at the world class Volksworld show this past weekend in the UK with some great feedback. The end result turned out awesome and exactly how we wanted it to look. Thanks heaps to Paul and his team at the Type 2 Detectives. Hit them up for any of your VW needs. Check out their website and their FB page.

Yo yo !!