T-Strett is on fire !! This one we filmed when in LA the other week & was a lot of fun. You gotta try this trick & if you are not laughing & smiling whilst doing it then something is wrong… it’s the funniest trick ever. Get to it !!

Thanks to the guys at Ride BMX & for the words below…

While kicking it with the Colony team a few weeks back, I overheard Peta Shepherd say to teammate Tom Stretton, “You should do a wheelbarrow on the banks,” while riding the famous White Banks in Los Angeles. I looked over, asked what a wheelbarrow was, and Tom immediately hopped on his bike, rode up to the banks, did some sort of running nosewheelie/whiplash on the banks and rode away. Soon after, we were all on our bikes trying to do it and simply put, having an absolute blast doing a simple and fun trick on flat ground and on the banks. After a bit of coercion, Tom was convinced to say a bit about the trick, and that leads to this week’s How To. Sure, this is a pretty easy trick to get done but as Tom proves, there’s plenty of ways to do it and I’m positive that someone will take this thing to a really creative and high level at some point. Until then, see Tom’s tips (in both normal English and the Aussie slang version) and get out and have some fun – Ride BMX.

Yo yo !!