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Alex Hiam in Crossley advert

Alex Hiam has a new advert with his long time sponsor, Crossley Cycles in Queensland. You can check out their site by clicking here now.


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Broc Raiford.

Broc Raiford won the Jomopro Expert class the other day, here is a video of his runs, He hits the roof on a tuck air which is wild. Park looks rad also! Congrats Broc.


Random photo of Marnold that we shot the other night hitting up a shopping centre carpark due to the lack of daylight these days.


BMX comp this weekend…

There is a comp going on this Saturday, the 17th in Brisbane at the Crestmead skatepark. We have gotten behind it with prizes for the BMX part of the comp. So get yourself along for some fun times & some good prizes.


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Alex Hiam Interview…

Over on Diversity Bmx, Alex Hiam has a cool little interview where he talks about his signature frame, traveling and all sorts of other good stuff. You can check it out here.


JomoPro finals results…

Our boys over in the USA at the JomoPro this weekend just gone did really well with Shintaro Misawa getting 3rd in pro flatland & Broc Raiford taking out the win in expert park. Well done guys !! You can read all about it over on the Ride site by clicking here now.




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Amigos of Dave… bike deal !!

Dave Montoya has been going through some serious life threatening situations recently & he needs your help. A bunch of his close mates have gotten together to organise this inaugural event. Come one, come all to this 100% charity event to support Dave & his numerous life saving operations he needs.

As a special deal… we are offering to one lucky person out there a Colony Descendent complete bike in Matt Black for a special one off price of $800.00 !!

100% of the proceeds will go to Dave’s medical fund so you know it’s for a good cause. Payment can only be made credit card or direct debit & you should call during office hours on 07 3801 1555 to place your order now. This offer is only available to Australian customers. First in first served !!

If a Colony Endeavour is more your thing then contact the guys at Helensvale BMX as they have an Endeavour for the same deal.


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Downunderground… round 2

The 2nd round of the flatland series presented by Newcircle is set for May 22nd in Sydney. If your interested to check out what the Australian flatland scene is all about get yourself there, you may even want to get into some flatland yourself, it can only add to your street & ramp skills.


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JomoPro qualifying results…

Over in the states at the JomoPro comp this weekend, our team riders Shintaro Misawa & Broc Raiford have both made it into the finals for their respective classes. Shintaro is the the pro flatland finals with a strong 4th place & Broc qualified in 1st in the expert park event. Well done guys & good luck in the finals.


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Zac flaired a tree…

Yeah true. Both Zac & Liam did it on a recent trip up here to Brisbane. They both did it way too easy. Zac’s photo turned out best, so it was turned into our latest advert. Check it. Focalpoint represent !!


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Know the team – Liam Fahy-Hampton.

I hit up Liam with a few questions, hopefully you enjoy this….


What are you up to today?

Just made myself 6 peaces of v-mite n toast and a coffee …. havn’t thought past that yet hahahaha.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

I slept with Miranda Kerr in highschool.

You live in Melbourne now but before that you were living in Canberra, is that where you spent most you time growing up?

Uumm nah not really ,I grew up in Bendigo, then I lived at the coast for a while , then I lived at the snow .. then I lived in qbn … then Melbs .

You have been fortunate enough to travel a bit, what has been your favourite road trip so far? so far ….

Europe most def !

You are also into music quite a bit, tell us what that’s all about?

Umm , well I like to mess around with noises hahaha basically I like anything that’s had work put into it … no matter what music .


Cooper, Liam & Marnold got some clips in a new Focalpoint advert… check it out below.

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Dirt jam tomorrow…

havic dirt jam 2010

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One Love One Life…

Cooper Brownlee has a lifestyle website that he updates frequently & you can check out a few random pics from our recent trip from Brisbane to Sydney & Canberra. Check it here now.


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Product highlight – Sweet Tooth frame

Alex Hiam is a little ripper & it made perfect sense for us to give him his own signature frame that was suited to someone smaller like himself. The Sweet Tooth is a scaled down kids sized frame that is perfect for the younger riders out there, it seems to work for Alex rather well.


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Canberra Days.

Today we stopped in at Backbone and checked out the new store. We then had a fun session at Woden park, hopefully it doesn’t rain tomorrow!



In Canberra now…

After a solid few days of riding some really good spots in Sydney, we are now in Canberra for a few days. Really looking forward to what stuff we find here & will post some news up in the next days.


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Valvo & his fresh new park

Valvo sent us over a couple photos from a new park that has opened up in Brazil near his house, looks awesome fun! I wish they would build one like this near me.



Above All Store.

We popped down to Above All bike store and hung out for a while on the weekend as Julian had recently moved the store to Engadine. After the shop we hit up helensburgh park for the jam which coincided with the shop opening, there were plenty of riders there and all was going well until the weather set in and put a stop to the session. I think everyone still had a good time though. Thanks to Julian at Above All for putting on the day.


Know The Team – Ryan Guettler.

Ryan is next on the list, read on and learn a little more about him…


What are you up to today?

I just got back last night from Vegas there was a small dirt comp but I didn’t enter because of the wind and hurt my foot abit. Today I woke up went for a road bike ride because its nice and sunny then I cleaned the backyard and got all the pine cones off the ramp. Now I’m just doing emails till people show up to ride !!!

Ryan, you only spend a month or so back here in Australia, do you wish you could spend more time here?

Of course I do I love Australia but I feel like right now I have a chance to travel the world and ride with the worlds best. I grew up in Aus for 18 years and now I’m seeing the world and later I’ll always come back home but for now I’m trying to make the most of it this can’t last forever.

Best thing about living in the states?

Maybe living in a town with all the guys I had posters of riding BMX like Mirra ,Mackay and Ali Whitton. Things are alot cheaper here and lot more riding spots are nice.

Best thing about living in Oz?

Such real people, all my mates rock. My family is there too.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

People know a far bit about me because of that damn internet so heres a few more…

1. My brother could easily be a bodybuilder. Last time I saw him he leg press 1200kg and that night he slammed my head in to a brick wall hahaha (no joke)

2. I’m scared of heights. Over the years I’ve got better with it but most of the time when I’m on a tall roll in I have to look only at my front wheel, if I look over the side ill clam up.

3. Some of the people who use to baby sit me include Tim Wood and Clint Millar.

4. Me and Ali Whitton do kick boxing twice a week in Greenville.

5. I got done doing 75 in a 35 speed zone and the cop let me off because I said I was on my way to play golf with Dave Mirra.

6. I’m 75% blind in my right eye from my brother whipping me with a towel when I was 5 for 2 years I had a pirates patch over my eye.

7. I worked at McDonalds for three years and got employee of the month twice and that’s how I paid for my first trip to America BITCH!

We made it…

It was a long and fairly un-eventful drive down from Coffs Harbour, most the time in our van was spent playing Dice. Even as I type this some of the crew are playing right now. Below some of the guys were getting in a few quick  rounds in between clips.


Shane Badman’s Bike.

I went out and shot some photos with Shane the other night which was a bunch of fun! Here is a photo of his new Cube set-up.


On the road again…

We’re on the road again heading our way down from Brisbane to Sydney then Canberra & some of guys making their way back down to Melbourne. On the road we have Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton, Chris Courtenay, Cooper Brownlee & myself. We have also got Stewart Munro along to capture the video moments.

Come along to the Above All grand opening on Saturday too… should be a blast. Click here for all the details.



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Days in Brisbane.

Some of the team is up here in Brisbane to ride for a few days before we head down to Sydney for a road trip, we have been having a bunch of fun riding some spots but the injury list is growing! Hopefully we can heal up before we get on the road. Mick with a launch flyout at a pretty fun spot.