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Cooper Brownlee checks in…

Cooper is about to head off on a mammoth road trip from Melbs up to Brisbane via Wangarratta for this weekends Jamuary Comp put on by The Sanction. He will also drop into Canberra on the way to see the guys at Backbone BMX & no doubt ride the amazing park at Woden. He will also be dropping off the fresh new issue of Focalpoint on the way too, straight off the presses. Word. He also sent me this cool photo as well… loving the trails styles. Oh by the way, a Cooper bike check is coming soon.


BMX Flyer 2010

On a side note: In case of rain, please contact The Sanction for details of an alternative plan & venue.

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Bruno Faucon bike check

If your French is good check out this bike check with our own Bruno Faucon. Some good moves in there to enjoy even if your French is not that good. Word.

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Valvo update…

Henrique Valvo Castro sent us over some nice photos from a session at Amparo Diogo Canina park. Thanks to Rui Ogawa for the photos.


New Caledonia…

Colony is now available in New Caledonia through Leiken Sarl & you can check out their website by clicking here.


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2010 frames back in stock

If you live in the USA our 2010 frames are back in stock & available now. Contact your nearest Colony dealer now to secure yours before they’re gone again. Stores in the USA wanting to carry Colony contact Tip Plus Distribution now.


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Simon O’Brien interview…

Simon O’Brien has an interview over on the Same Thing Daily website where he talks about his new solo DVD & you can click here now to check it out.


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Shintaro checks in…

Shinatro Misawa sent is a quick update with some results from a recent comp he went too. Looks like he is killing it as always. Well done mate.

BFWC 2010 Results:

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Viki Gomez
3rd Hiroya Morizaki
4th Tsutomu Kitayama
5th Shintaro Misawa
6th Shinichi Kiba
7th Adam Kun
8th Yasunari Ishijima
9th Yohei Uchino
10th Jesse Puente
12th Moto Sasaki
13th Yoshihiro Shinde
14th Tomokazu Morinaga
15th Akihiko Takahashi
16th Takahiro Ikeda


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Ride On giveaway…

The guys over at Ride On BMX in Brisbane have a Colony giveaway at the moment. Click here now to get the full scoop.

Colony Old seats

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Random photo # 1,357

A random photo of our Official stems getting machined in Taiwan.


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Painted & ready to ship…

While in Taiwan last week I dropped into our painters to inspect the next batch of 2010 stock ready to ship out soon. It all passed inspection & will be on route to all our distributors before the end of the month. Check it out below.


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The BMX Book – out now

Our own Paddy Gross scored the cover of The BMX Book by Ralf Maier from Germany. Check out the trailer for the DVD that comes with the book. Click here now for more details. There is also a trailer to check out of the DVD that comes with the book.


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Strictly BMX custom Colony

The guys over at Strictly BMX have been at it again this time with a one off custom painted ’09 Bloody Oath, Official forks & Teddy bars. Click here (scroll down a bit) for info on it all.


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2020 Coverage…

The latest 2020 is out and there is some solid team content in this issue. Make sure you grab a copy from your local bike store.


Zac Miner’s Favs.

Zac Miner has a Fat Favs over on FatBmx, which will give you a bit of an insight into Zacs life. Thanks to Nick Gascoine for the photos. While you are at it, check this edit we put out a while back with some solid clips of Zac and the rest of the team in it.


Product highlight – LFH Grips

I dropped by the factory that makes our grips yesterday & checked on the current production of our LFH grips. It was pretty interesting to see how they are made. Check out the photos below from left to right – The machine that makes our grips one pair at a time. A pair of grips right after they are formed in the injection mold. A box of grips that are still warm right after production. A bag full of our push-in style plastic bar ends.


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Mick Bayzand…

Mick has ridden for Strictly BMX has long as I can remember. He recently scored their website splash page & you can check it out by clicking here now. You can also check out our entire ranges by clicking here now.


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Colony drawing…

We received this cool drawing from a Colony fan by the name of Jack the other day. Thought it was pretty cool, so it is now hung up in the office. I thought I would also share with everyone here as well. Thanks Jack !!


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In Taiwan once again…

It’s been a little while since I have been over here but I am here once again to check on productions & to work on some of our many new products for the 2011 season. More on those later…


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Valvoline at the trails…

Valvoline sent us some photos of him riding at his local trails for the last time in 2009, thanks to Rui Ogawa for shooting the nice photos.

Click here now to check out more on the BMX scene in Brazil.


Colony customs…

Helensvale BMX posted up a bunch of custom Colony bikes they have built up recently. Click here to check these fine beasts out.


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Attila Godi update…

Attila sent us over this edit for our Distributor over in Hungary Harlee Shop, Attila has some solid stuff in there for sure! Thanks mate.

Bundy heaven…

For anyone that knows me, they will know that I am kinda fond of the odd Bundy or two every once in a while… haha. I finally made it to the Bundy Rum factory whilst in Bundaberg recently. That is one large bottle of sweet rum !!


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Big Big BMX Show

We once again have sponno’ed Glenn PP Milligan’s show over on Vital & we’re giving away some huge prizes. We have a 2010 Endeavour complete bike, Gnarkill frame, Bloody Oath bars, Official forks & LFH grips up for grabs !!

Check it out below & then click here to leave your answers over in the comments on the Vital site. Thanks to Glenn & Vital for the hook up.

BIg BIg BMX Show episode 8 season 2 - More BMX Videos

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Alex Hiam’s bike…

Alex Hiam sent over some photos of his Sweet Tooth infront of a rad wall!


Badman on your desktop…

Click here now to down load the entire 2010 Flatland Calendar as produced by Fat Tony, in desk top format. Now you can have our own Shane Badman as your desk top, nice.


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2009 Slideshow.

It was a great year, I thought I would throw together a few photos from the year just been….



Nick’s Day in the Life of web video is one of my favourites from 2009, so I thought I would post it again for all to check out. 2010 is here now & I know it’s gonna be a banger !! Have a great day everyone.

 The teaser for it was hilarious as well, love it.

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