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Richo gets stitches

Stole these pics off Nick’s myspace… at the hospital getting his stitches the other week.

Yo… if anyone out there at Unit is reading this… I think it’s about time you hooked Nick up with a full deal.

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Hell Stallion custom at Alans BMX

Alans BMX our distributor in the UK, have put together an awesome Hell Stallion custom bike in our limited edition Bloody Black colour. Looks the goods for sure. Check it out by clicking here. You will also notice a certain rider you may have heard of before getting flowed some Colony parts through Alans as well by clicking here.


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Mick Bayzand’s nightmare

Mick sent me a pic of his nightmare at the moment that is his troubling knee problems. He hurt it a while back & it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It’s so bad right now that he needs to wear this brace here 24/7. I feel for you mate… I hope it starts to get better soon. Mean while he has been taking it ‘easy’ by digging trails in Canada. Rest up mate.


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Zac Miner back from China

Zac Miner recently went to China for the Asian X Games in Shanghai. It was his first time overseas & he said it was an experience for sure, read on below…

Hey mate…

China was good and bad, as far as traveling overseas for the first time it was pretty crazy, there are so many people in Shanghai. The city is huge and caotic. I got to hang out with a heap of new people, Kym Grosser and Eric Holley were super cool and I hung out with them a heap.

As far as the comp went, I was all sweet in practice and come qualifying I rode terrible, I sucked! Just couldnt put it together and it kinda made the trip a bit of a downer because of it. Sorry mate, didn’t rep Colony the best this time.
The people that made finals rode well, Grosser did some amazing stuff. Garret is on a level of his own and definately deserved first. Maybe you’ll see some more photos somewhere? Here are a couple pics I ripped off Kym.

– Zac.


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Welcome to the team, Paddy Gross

I would like to formally welcome Paddy Gross from Trier, Germany to our flow team. I have known Paddy for a very long time now & have always been a fan. I first meet him way back in 2000 at the Worlds in Koln. Since then I have ridden & hung out with him on many occasions & they they have always been a blast. I am proud to have Paddy a part of the Colony family.


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Guettler checks in…

Ryan sent me a quick email on his recent travels… enjoy.

I’m sitting at LAX airport waiting to fly to Greenville, I was just in Japan for the last week because I had to do a Vans demo for the US military with Colin Mackay, Bucky, Coco, Scotty Cranmer and Josh Boarding.

It turned out to be really fun, there was a crazy flu scare so the plane ride was a bit scary but we got there safe. Nate Wessel built a sweet set up with a 10-foot box, which was rad. The demos went really good with every one riding well and the troops seemed to love it but there were lot of calls for the “BACKIE”. There was a Vans filmer so keep and eye out for a pod cast from Vans.

We also got to go around and look at the jets, aircraft carrier and some subs, really crazy to see in person SO big. After 4 days of demos we got 2 days off so we split to Tokyo and did some shopping and sight seeing. I brought some weird gadgets that you will only find in Japan ones is the little cube sound box for ipod, it’s the size of a bottle cap but super loud and I also got a watch that took me about an hour to read the time but looks sick, hahaha.

Tokyo is like another plant every one is like 4 foot tall and speak almost no English at all so it was hard to get a Jack and Coke. They also don’t like tattoos, so I stood out real bad. We would get on the train and I’d see people whispering or just straight up point at me, pretty crazy. So I got a long sleeve t-shirt.

It’s good to be almost home I going to finish up the web edit on the backyard ramps and start building up a new bike.


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Bike check – Liam Fahy-Hampton

Here is Liam’s current ride & a quick break down of what he is running from our range. I’m loving the Bloody Black & Polished colour way.


Liam getting upside down on the website front page of his long-time supporter, Backbone BMX.

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Win Guettler’s gear from Vans, Colony, Mirraco & Protec

Vans, Mirraco, Protec & us here at Colony are giving you the chance to win a Guettler signature prize pack for the month of May. Click here for the full details on the Vans site now. While you’re at it click here for a cool video of Ryan in Greenville over on Vital.


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Mick Bayzand is the man.

Yo… while searching the web for cool things that grab my attention I came across this short bio on Mick Bayzand on Focalpoint. Check it out here now.


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Welcome to the team…

Click here for a short bio on our newest team member to the Colony flow team, Marc Arnold, otherwise known as Marnold.

Welcome to the team mate & I look forward to the years ahead. You can expect to see Marnold rolling around on a Hell Stallion frame & fork packed with our range of parts in the weeks ahead.


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New Australian team rider…

Check back tomorrow for an announcement on our newest Australian team rider. Who will it be? Stay tuned…


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Fuel TV – New Pollution

The past few days Alex Hiam has been filming with the guys from Fuel TV for their show called, New Pollution. It’s a show that introduces audiences to the next generation of action sports heroes. All of which are no older than 16 years of age. Alex ripped it up at various parks around Brisbane & even did his first street handrail. Not bad for a 13 year old! We will have links to the episode online in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.


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Fat BMX favourites…

Click here to check out my Fat Favourites over on Fat BMX.


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Tim Wood wins Gold

I got a text late last night from Tim saying he had just won vert at the Asian X Games in China. So stoked for him. Sounds like he rode amazing with a 900 to start off with, then a mixture of no handed 5’s, normal 5’s, whips & flairs. He even beat some big names in the process. Congrats Tim !!

The only pic I could find… thanks ESPN.

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Fat BMX pin-up

Click here to check out this weeks Fat BMX pin-up with a nice Bloody Oath. Courtesy of our Taiwanese distributor.

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Colony / Focalpoint giveaway !!

Click here now for info on our giveaway we have with Focalpoint BMX this month.


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