Ryan sent me a quick email on his recent travels… enjoy.

I’m sitting at LAX airport waiting to fly to Greenville, I was just in Japan for the last week because I had to do a Vans demo for the US military with Colin Mackay, Bucky, Coco, Scotty Cranmer and Josh Boarding.

It turned out to be really fun, there was a crazy flu scare so the plane ride was a bit scary but we got there safe. Nate Wessel built a sweet set up with a 10-foot box, which was rad. The demos went really good with every one riding well and the troops seemed to love it but there were lot of calls for the “BACKIE”. There was a Vans filmer so keep and eye out for a pod cast from Vans.

We also got to go around and look at the jets, aircraft carrier and some subs, really crazy to see in person SO big. After 4 days of demos we got 2 days off so we split to Tokyo and did some shopping and sight seeing. I brought some weird gadgets that you will only find in Japan ones is the little cube sound box for ipod, it’s the size of a bottle cap but super loud and I also got a watch that took me about an hour to read the time but looks sick, hahaha.

Tokyo is like another plant every one is like 4 foot tall and speak almost no English at all so it was hard to get a Jack and Coke. They also don’t like tattoos, so I stood out real bad. We would get on the train and I’d see people whispering or just straight up point at me, pretty crazy. So I got a long sleeve t-shirt.

It’s good to be almost home I going to finish up the web edit on the backyard ramps and start building up a new bike.


Yo yo !!