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Bayzand injured but OK

Mick sent me a quick email to say he has recently injured his knee & can’t ride right now. All good though as a few weeks off the bike wont kill him. He has been passing the time by partying it up & has also recently got some ink. Check it out. Rest up mate & get that knee all good soon.



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Interview on No Soccer online now…

I recently did an interview with an Italian BMX website called, No Soccer. You can click here now to read it.


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Nitai Photo Dot Com

Nitai has been around for a long time as one of Australia’s top photographers in BMX. But he also takes pics outside of BMX circles as well. He has a cool site going that has a portfolio of some of his work. Worth checking out for sure. Click here now to see what he has going on.

Nitai the rockstar on our NZ tour a few years ago.

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Product highlight – Fantastic Plastic pedals

They’re fantastic, they’re plastic… not much else to say really? Our pedals are fast becoming the choice of many out there so do yourself a favour & check them out at a store near you now. Click here for the full deal on them now.


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Hell Stallion custom…

The guys over in France at Unleaded are at it again with another custom complete bike. This time going a Hell Stallion frame in White loaded with our limited edition Fluro Yellow range.

Be on the look out for pics of Liam’s new personal set-up in the next few days.


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Justin Burns & friends edit…

Justin did up a little edit with his friends at his local park recently. Check out the fruits of their labour here now. Looks like a really fun little park.

Livermore Park Edit - #2 from Justin Burns on Vimeo.

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Kym Grosser on a Colony?

As most of you know Kym Grosser has been living in Canada for a year or so now. Since leaving Macneil recently we have flowed him a bunch of parts for his new ride. Kym isn’t riding for us we just flowed a brother a package to help him out. Gotta help your mates out. Click here for the full list on the Strictly BMX site now.


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Product highlight – Teddy Bars

Mick Bayzand is a champion, simple as that. Put a set of these bars on your bike & you too will be sliding any rail in sight & smiling 25 hours a day. Mick’s bars are available now in a shop near you. Go check them out & see for yourself… or click here in the meantime for the full scoop on these 27.5″ wide bad boys.


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Backyard Blitz…

Ryan sent me a quick email with some pics… read on below.

The back yard ramp will never stop growing… I had to cut down a bunch of trees and we built a new box all the way to the fence line. It’s opened up so many new lines in the yard so keep an eye out for some new web videos. In the next few days I’ll be painting the ramp and this weekend I fly to Orlando, FL to judge a Vans Am comp should be fun times. – Ryan.



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Attila’s new bike

Attila Godi our flow team rider in Hungary, just put together a new bike with a bunch of parts in our limited edition Fluro Yellow colourway. The black & yellow combo looks a treat.

Thanks to the guys at Harlee Shop for their support for Attila & Colony in Hungary.



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NYRM & Alex Hiam

Click here now to check out some news (a little old now) about Alex Hiam & nahyouritemate.


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For The Riders Blog

Big Colony supporters For The Riders have a blog going now with some cool stuff up on there including this pic. Check out what it’s all about by clicking here now.


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A little something…

Clint Millar - whip nosepick to whip back from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Jonny Devine checks in…

My main man in the UK, Jonny Devine, sent in an email with some pics of his new bike he just put together & a sweet 180 as well. The weather has been rather cold over there he says but has been making the most if it. In fact, he said it got up to 14 degrees the other day. Just a little bit cooler than the 31 degrees it is here right now. Damn.


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Mick Bayzand checks in from Canada

Mick Bayzand sent me an email with some cool pics of some local trails that they had a low key jam at the other day. Looks like one hell of fun place to ride. They had a BBQ there with some smokies as they call them over in Canada. Good times for sure. Mick hurt his knee at the end of the day but hopefully should be OK again soon.





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Sorry Haimona…

But I could not resist posting this gem of a pic I found in my files !! The pic must be at least 3-4 years old I think? To those that know Ho out there they will find this funny for sure. Sorry mate !!


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