Ryan just sent me a cool email about him going racing… what? Read on below.

I just got done with the ’09 Winter Nationals in Phoenix, AZ. I arrived back from Australia on Monday and Jerry Badders (Vans team manager) asked if I wanted to watch him race in Phoenix on the weekend and then fly to Greenville after.

I was down but as soon as I heard Nasty was going to race I wanted too also. Jerry got me a bike and full face and even went to Vans and got all matching long sleeves Tees. Jerry drove the Vans bus on Thursday and I stayed behind in Cali and rode Sheephills and got my berm and race sprints on then got a flight that night. On Friday we got to the race track, did a few starts but I soon realised I suck at gate starts. I was getting waxed by every man and his dog, even a little girl on a pink bike smoked me off the line!

Once I got going it was smooth racing though. Saturday might of been the funniest and fun day I’ve ever had. I never knew Nasty used to race and he is fast as, jumping the triples and easy won his class. My class was harder for me too win but I came through with a win and I’m pumped as.

Racing is super fun and I’m going to try and go to a lot more races. Thanks to every one who gave me pointers about gate starts and to Jerry, Vans shoes, Monster Energy and Mirra co for getting me a bike, helmet and loads of fun. Dig deep and pedal like you stole it hahahahha.




Yo yo !!