Zac just sent me an email about what he has been up too… Also about a cool jam he is running in June… Read on below.

Hey mate….. plenty has been goin on and will be happening over the next month or so.Just recently painted the Bloody Oath… I’m really lovin’ the bike ‘n’ how it’s goin! Been filmin’ a bit with Troy Charlesworth for his Underground Visual series, I’ve got a section in that so I’m trying to produce the goods. It should be out by June/July. I’m heading to Melbourne this weekend to ride with Liam and film with Dan Gascoine, should be fun. Got invited to the Redbull downhill dirt halfpipe comp in Mount Beauty at the end of May…. That’s goin to be a massive event so I’m really keen on that. Also to everyone keen on having a rad time… on the 7th of June I’m holding a jam at Weston Creek to celebrate my birthday. There’s going to be subs, rails, boxjumps etc. It’s gunna be awesome and it would be sweet to see some northern shredders come down. Anyways, I’m goin for a ride, talk soon. Zac.



Yo yo !!