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Zac Dangerfield & Tenacious Bars

Zac Dangerfield runs the 10″ rise Tenacious bars for plenty of leverage.

Chris Bracamonte’s rig

What a beast! 21.25 Tradition frame and 10″ Tenacious bars


Product highlight – TENacious Bars

Our largest bar ever has just dropped worldwide & measures in a whopping 10.0″ tall & 30.0″ wide.

The TENacious Bars use our own multi butted tubing mould with a thicker walled tubing where it counts on the cross bar & grip bend intersection. WE’ve also used a larger diameter cross bar itself for extra strength. All this size though, doesn’t mean they weigh a tonne either. Using full posted heat treated, multi butted CrMo we’ve kept the weight down like any of other our bars.

Click here to check them out further or go pick yourself up a pair at any Colony dealer now.




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