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Jackie Straiton clips from California

Before Jackie had some knee issues we stacked a few good clips so we wanted to share them with you guys.

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Jackie Straiton update

Jackie recently went under knee surgery which seem to go well. We wish him all the best for the following months of recovery. No doubt he will be back doing will moves in no time. Check his most recent Colony video below.


Jackie Straiton video

17 year old Jackie Straiton from Cocoa Beach, FL has been riding for Colony for a little while now so we are stoked to be releasing his welcome video. Jack spent 3 months filming for this project around Central Florida and Riverside, California. Thanks to Keaton Aspuru and Kyle Mckenzie for filming and editing this part.

Thanks to Emmitt BMX for helping Jackie out over in Florida.

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Jackie Straiton @ FLBMX Series

Congrats to Jackie who ended up winning the 3rd stop of the Florida BMX Series. Here is a clip from his 2nd run…

Jackie Straiton @ Florida BMX series

Jackie has a few clips near the end of this highlights video from the 2nd stop in the Florida BMX series which is also came out with first place at…

Jackie Straiton @ Woodward West

Check this video of Jackie giving you a run down of his time at Woodward…