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Service Centre – how to replace Freecoaster Driver

Our latest Service Centre video gives you a run down on how to replace the driver in our Freecoaster hubs.

If you need help adjusting the slack then check out this video…

More how to videos right here.

Service Centre – How to replace Coaster driver

Detailed look into how to replace the driver in a Colony Freecoaster. For more How to video’s click here.

Product highlight – Freecoaster Hub

Our Freecoaster Hubs are proving to be quite popular right now & will be back in full supply around the planet in the coming weeks ahead.

Available in RHD & LHD version with a male axle we also have our own specific hub guard to suit for the non-drive side as well. You will also be able to buy them in a pre-built wheel laced to our Contour Rims in the weeks ahead.

Check them out at a Colony dealer near you.


Yo yo !!

Product Highlight – Colony Freecoaster

Our very popular freecoaster has been out for a few months now and they are seriously dope! I am still running the original prototype from 18 months ago and it’s going strong. We made this how-to video a couple months back on how to adjust the slack of the hubs so we hope it helps anyone out there wondering how to do so.