It’s been a interesting month for me. Anthony, Victor, Chris, Wolf and myself had the best trip back up to Fresno. It was great being able to stay out at the Sanctuary again and spending time out there. Unfortunately I crashed and hit my head pretty good on this trip. Gave myself some pretty good whiplash. Stoked though on how the edit came out and of course being able to spend time with the guys on the road.

My body has been pretty beat up so I have been trying to let some muscles relax and heal up but at the same time I struggle to stay off my bike. I just always love riding so I have a hard time making myself chill so my body can heal up. So I have been paining a bit and doing prints. Always enjoy doing that.

Also my really good friend from Oregon is out for a month. So we have been riding all the local spots and getting some good sessions. Always thankful to have my dude Beev around!