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Product Highlight – Guardian Forks

Quick video showcasing the Colony Guardian Forks… These are available worldwide in Matte Black and Chrome along with a brake mount version. Thanks to B0NNAZ for the beat.

Product update – Tom Stretton Leopard print Contour Rims

Tom Stretton looks at most things in riding a little differently to the rest of us. His riding is rather unique & refreshing, he always has something cool to offer no matter what the session is going down on. This will be Tom’s second official signature colour way for our Contour Rims & we are very stoked on how they came out. Using the very tough water transfer hydro graphics process these rims look so good.

You will be able to add a little Tom Stretton flavour to your bike come late August / early September through all good Colony dealers worldwide.





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Dealer highlight – Lux BMX & the 2014 Endeavour in ED Gold

Are you chasing one of our limited edition 2014 Endeavour complete bikes in the ever popular ED Gold? They would be very hard to find now but the guys at Lux BMX have a couple left… hit them up now !!




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Product Highlight – Squareback Stem

Little video highlight of the Squareback stem. The top load is available everywhere right now, hit here for more info. Thanks to B0NNAZ for the beat.

Product highlight – Contour Rims in Chrome

It’s been a while since I have ran chrome rims but I am so stoked to be doing so again. For me with front & back brakes, it makes the whole braking experience so much better. Plus it gives my Prody frame that little bit of mid school feel. You can now grab our Contour Rims in chrome plate at all good Colony dealers worldwide.



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Prody Frame perspective…

Shane Badman organised this interesting interview with Ross D Lavender about his Prody Frame build & some back ground on the original frames & the history around them. Well worth a read, click here now to check it out on the Flatland Australia website.

Our limited edition Prody Frames are available now worldwide… click here to read more about them.


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Colony Prody in Rainbow at Lux BMX

We teamed up with the guys at Lux BMX to bring out this very special one of a kind Prody custom complete bike. Only one on the planet & available to purchase right now. Check it out !!


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Dealer highlight – are a UK based mail order who stock our full ranges of products & have put together this in-depth feature on some of our products. It is a little long but informative none the less. Enjoy !!

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Product highlight – Rainbow parts

Right now in most countries around the world, with a little hunting, you should be able to grab yourself some of our latest batch of Rainbow coloured parts including but not limited to the following…

Contour Rims, Wasp Hubs, Free coasters, Official Stems, Squareback Stems, Gyro plates, Pivotal Seat posts, CC Sprockets, Rainbow spokes & even pre-built Pinnacle, Pintour or Free Coaster wheels with Rainbow Wasp Hubs or Free Coasters.

Coming out in August will be a limited run of 2015 frames & forks available in rainbow as well as some very limited edition frame & fork kits. Grab it all while it’s available !!


ColonyFreecoaster_Rainbow copy  730



Something special…

More on this soon…

prodylong bmx

Prody Frames are arriving…

The 20 year anniversary Prody Frames have arrived in the USA & will be here in Australia early May. The UK will also land these later in May. These frames are a special throwback to a very small run of frames Clint Millar had built back in the early ’90’s under the name of Prody.

2020 BMX Magazine did an interview with Clint about the release of these & you can read it online here now. Check it out.



Product highlight – 2014 Sweet Tooth Frame

Alex Hiam’s latest version of his ever popular Sweet Tooth Frame is the most refined version yet. It has the exact geometry that Alex’s demands for his high level riding these days.

Available in an array of sizes including 19.8″, 20.4″, 20.7″ & also 21″ we offer a size that is sure to suit you as well. The 19.8″ version especially is perfect for smaller riders out there who want a high performance frame but in a size that’s easy to ride & great to progress with.

In fact, many riders out there are choosing Alex’s frame of late. You would also be surprised to know of the high profile riders out there, with other frame sponsors, that also ride a Sweet Tooth disguised as something else.

Check them out at a Colony dealer near you worldwide now.






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New arrivals in the USA

We have just received a fresh new shipment in the USA with a few new items such as our Free Coaster Wheels & Free Coaster Hubs in the very popular Rainbow colour way. The wheels are laced to our Contour Rim in Black with either the Rainbow or a Black hub. Both wheels & hubs area available in RHD or LHD.

The first drop of Prody Frames for the planet, have also arrived in the USA & we couldn’t be more stoked. The platform is back !!

Expect to see these wheels, hubs & frames available at USA based retailers in the next week or so. So hit them up soon.

Other countries such as Australia, the UK, Canada, Brazil, China & Russia will receive theirs in the weeks ahead.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

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Product preview – 20 year anniversary Prody Frame

Back in the day, way before Colony ever existed, Clint Millar had a few frames made under the name of Prody. This was back in 1993/1994 when it was pretty much impossible to get a frame that would not break in a few weeks. So him & another friend, Michael Canfield, enlisted the help of a local Brisbane based frame builder called G&J Cycles to make them the ideal frame. Hence the Prody Frame was born.

Built to withstand any punishment that could be thrown at them back then, they were robust. Till this day, not one ever cracked or broke. Only 4 frames were ever made so they were very limited.

Fast forward 20 or so years & we have here the all new Prody frame. It features that classic early ’90’s look but with all of today’s finer features like modern geometry, Mid BB & Integrated headset. These new frames are only about 200 grams heavier than our current frames now, not bad at all.

Both Clint Millar & Bobbie Altiser are amongst a select few riding these frames right now & so far feedback has been very favourable.

These limited frames will be made available come late April in the USA, Australia & the UK. They will be offered in Gloss Black, Chrome Plated & ED Red in sizes 19.0″ & 20.6″

Only 100 will be made & each will be numbered. Contact your favourite Colony Dealer now to pre-book yourself a piece of Australian BMX history.

Click here now for all info & spec details on these limited edition, soon to be collector’s edition frames.







Product highlight – 2014 Sweet Tooth Frame

Alex Hiam was the youngest ever pro rider to have his own signature frame back when the Sweet Tooth first came out. Now years later, he has turned 18 & is killing it on the bike more than ever. Alex is one of the most dialled riders I know out there pulling the hardest tech stuff first try usually, all while making it look so good.

His Sweet Tooth frame is exactly what he wants in a frame with the precise geometry he demands. If anyone knows Alex, he is very particular on how his bike runs & feels. His frame is offered in a range of sizes – 19.8″, 20.4″ (what Alex rides), 20.7″ & also 21.0″. They are offered in Matte Black & Dark Red along with a few selected limited edition frame, fork, stem & headset kits. The latest colour offered on these kits is Purple Storm, as shown below. Be fast though, as only 5 were made for the planet on these. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.







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Product highlight – Rainbow colour way

In both the USA & Australia as of this week, you will see another batch of our ever popular Rainbow colour way CC Sprockets, Squareback Stems, Official Stems & our ever popular Wasp Hubs arrive. Act fast though, as these sold out in less than 24 hours last time.

Our Free Coaster Hubs will land in April worldwide as well as our very limited edition Contour Rims, which will only land in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany & China. So jump on these early if you want some of them.

The Rainbow colour way will extend to a few more products come May, with Pivotal Seat Posts & our Gyro Plates being added to the mix.






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Product highlight – Wasp Hubs

Our new Wasp Cassette Hubs are getting some serious attention & good reports from around the globe. Much can be attributed to their superior fast rolling & direct engagement system making for a great rear hub on any bike. We also have a Wasp Front Hub to match & will soon have a male axle version upgrade kit available.

You can get our Wasp Hubs in Black or our Rainbow finish for now with possible more colours to come later in the year. You can also get them laced up into a complete wheel with our Pinnacle Rims for the front & our Pintour Rims for the rear.

Check them out now here on our site or at a Colony dealer near you or your favourite mail order.


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Product update – Hardy Bars

We have some 4 piece bars coming out later this year called Hardy Bars. They will compliment the Prody frames we have coming out soon but more on those later.

The Hardy Bars will feature a multi-butted post heat treated CrMo construction. They will have an 8.65″ ride with a 28″ width. 10.5 degrees back sweep with 2 degrees up sweep. A few guys on the team are running them now including Tom Stretton who is loving them.

Here are a few teaser shots of the bars for now. They will be out mid this year. By the way, it’s Hardy the puppy’s one year birthday today. Happy birthday little fella !!


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Product highlight – Fantastic Plastic Pedals

Our Fantastic Plastic Pedals have been around a good number of years now & have proven the test of time. Offering excellent grip, great feel & a good strong body, are just some of the reasons you will find them on many riders bikes today. They also come with a variety of coloured spindles to offer that little something different. Check them out at a Colony Dealer near you now.


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Product highlight – Much Room Grips

We recently changed up the rubber compound that we use on our Much Room Grips making them more durable yet still soft to touch. So far everyone seems really happy with the new compound. They are available in a wide variety of colours as well. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.


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Product highlight – Pinnacle & Pintour Rims

Looking for a more affordable rim that can still withstand today’s riding? Then perhaps take a closer look at our Pinnacle Rims & Pintour Rims. Both are more affordable rims using pinned technology rather than the more labour intensive welded join. Check them out in the aero style Pinnacle Rim or the Pintour Rim which mimics our Contour Rims. Available now worldwide.



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Product Catalogue

Incase you missed it, we posted the 2014 parts catalogue a few weeks back which is stacked full of some sold riding shots aswell.

Product update – Rainbow Stems and Sprockets

We are so happy with how these Official Stems, Square Back Stems and CC Sprockets came out. They are available in the USA right now, Australia next week and the rest of the world early January. These are limited edition so get in quick for a treat.


Product highlight – new colour 2014 complete bikes

If you live in Australia, then you would be lucky enough to be able to walk into a Colony dealer now & grab yourself one of latest colourway 2014 complete bikes.

Check out the Premise in Purple Storm with Black & the Endeavour in Silver Storm with Purple. Plus we just landed re-stocks of all the previous colours like the Premise in Bloody Black with Red, the Premise in Matte Black with Purple, the premise in Mint Green with Black & the Endeavour in Matte Black with Red, the Endeavour in Purple Storm with Polished & the amazing Endeavour in ED Gold.

Don’t also forget the 2014 Inception in Dark Red with Black & The Living in Matte Black with Chrome. Available now at all good Colony dealers. You can check them all out here now. Other countries will receive these bikes in the new year.



Premise in Purple Storm with Black



Endeavour in Silver Storm with Purple

Premise in Bloody Black with Red

Premise in Mint Green with Black

Endeavour in ED Gold

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Parts Catalogue re-up

For anyone that hasn’t seen the all new online catalogue we posted up earlier this week, make sure you check it out below.

2014 parts catalogue

We’ve got all the parts goodness packed into one catalogue right here! Everything from Colony in the range that is available right now across the world. We’ve also included some solid riding images from the team so make sure you hit the flipbook below for a good read.

Product highlight – Alex Hiam Seat / post Combo

Alex Hiam has been graced with own signature frame from the young age of 13 years old, the Sweet Tooth. Earlier this year we gave him his second signature part in the shape of his own seat / post combo. It’s made exactly how Alex wanted it, light, grippy with a mid shape & feel. Available now worldwide at all good BMX outlets. Click here now to read more about his seat / post combo. 

Alex Seat 2

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Unscene History almost here…

Ross D Lavender has been hard at work for a few years now on this exhibit he has planned & it’s almost here. October 26th & 27th are the dates for it all to be revealed & I for one cannot wait. If you have any interest in the history of freestyle BMX in Brisbane, Australia from 1985-1995 then get yourself there. Click here for full details now.

You will also get to see a very cool new Colony frame release at the exhibit which is set for release in the first half of 2014. Plus get to see throughout the weekend the Prody series of videos playing via DVD.


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Product highlight – 2014 Premise complete bike

The 2014 Colony Premise complete bike would be one of the better spec’ed bikes for the money in the market right now. Plus it looks bloody awesome !!

Features include… Full CrMo frame, Full CrMo forks with one piece steer tube, Full CrMo Bars, Full CrMo 3 pce cranks, full sealed wheel set with 9T cassette & female front hub. It also has our own Fantastic Plastic Pedals, Much Room Grips & more.

Ready to shred right out of the box & available now in Australia with other countries to follow very soon.







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Product Highlight – Bottom Brackets

Bottom Brackets might be a small part on your bike but they keep your cranks running smooth and looking good. We’ve had our own BB’s out for many years now and they’ve always been popular, probably because of the unique CNC detail that gives them that different look to many other options out there. Add in some dope looking colours and you have some dialed looking Bottom Brackets.