Hey guys just checking in.

So finally after all the nonsense going on with my knee injury, I have an appointment with a private orthopedic surgeon at the end of October. The knee itself has actually and unfortunately been getting worse over the last few weeks so this is what has led to getting a referral for someone in the private sector. Fingers crossed.

Other than that I have been trying to keep as active as physically possible. Loving the weather up in sunny and stormy Queensland.

If you haven’t seen our new edit, Bobbie Altiser and myself have a new edit and you should check it out even if you hate me because Bobbie makes it worth it haha. I can’t wait to jump on one of the new Colony Monash frames when I’m able, so damn sexy!

Also it’s my birthday on the 7th of this month so follow me on Instagram and send me presents hahah @tom_stretton

Until next time, Peace!