Hey guys! It’s been an up an down month for me! Dropped my welcome to Pro team edit which I was very stoked and thankful for! Lot of hard work and time in that and to be able to have such a nice finished product is the icing on the cake! Cooper put in so much time and energy on it and I can’t thank him enough.

My Locals Only x Colony seat is coming together amazing too. Clint sent over the sample and was able to throw it on my bike! Can’t wait to have these released. Turned out better than I could have imagined.

My parents drove down from Oregon for a week and was able to spend a full week with them around California. They both were sick and unfortunately got me sick too. I have been battling with that the last week and a half trying to get healthy. It hit me pretty hard! Hopefully be back to 100% by the end of this week. Health is one of those things we always take for granted, it’s something that we don’t think about much but when your body decides to shut down and try to fight some sort of infection it really sucks! Stay healthy and stay happy!