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Stas Shatilo video

Thanks to the guys at Raen Shop over in Russia for putting this video together of Stas riding some good looking parks…

Paddy Gross update

Hello everyone, next to a 6 day working week I find proper time to ride my bike. dunno how but I do haha. I also started filming for a new edit 2 months ago which will be all about the front brakes as after 15 years I decided to put them back on and it feels like being back in the 90’s. I am loving it so much and all I do is watch my old Baco Vision, Props etc. VHS tapes I’ve kept all these years and get my Inspiration from riders such as Dave Freimuth, Jason Enns, Dave Osato and of course the Boss himself Clint Millar. We wanna make the Video look as old as the tricks are so we’re not filming with high tech HD and what not but on purpose, just a few more weeks and we should start putting it together. Well that was it for now, hope all of you are happy and healthy, enjoy yourselves and have fun riding your bikes. until next time.

paddy nose half bar

Jack and Dean images

Both Jack and Dean have photos within the latest Photdump from Focalpointbmx. You can check out all the images here.



Yo yo !!

Shuhei footage

Max has a good clip in the Tokyo street series video that DIG just dropped…

More from Simon

Just a quick update to what I’ve been up to,

The other weekend I went to the monster street comp in Odaiba, Tokyo. Some amazing riding went down. I caught up with Shuhei who is the Japanese Colony team rider, he was shredding and had made a big trip to the comp.

Last weekend I went to ‘Trinity Skatepark’ in Ikebukuro, Tokyo for the ‘On it’ jam. This was a great event, while riders and skaters rode the park, there was live bands, djs and food stalls. It was pretty much a party…people who wanted to ride could, those who wanted to drink and enjoy the music and riding also could.

This weekend coming im going to a big flatland jam on saturday then a demo on sunday. Should be good.




Mick Bayzand update

Hey Guys,

My wrist has definitely been on the mend lately, well for someone like myself that has had so many injury’s nothing really gets better it just gets bearable so I have been riding my local park Prahran alot lately stregthaning my wrist and getting my jibb game back on, it’s been a lot of fun. I have all so been filming a few insta vids down there as well if you would like to see them just follow me… @mick_bayzand1

Thanks to Kym Grosser for the photo.


Bobbie Altiser footage from Baco

Bobbie has a few wizard moves towards the end of this video that BMX Union posted up from the recent Baco Jam…

Flatland Fracas 2014

We are supporting the Flatland Fracas this year over in Massachusetts on July 20th so be sure to hit it up if you are in the area.


Bobbie @ Baco

Bobbie took out the #frontbrakebrethren contest at Baco last weekend. I can’t wait to see the footage from it to see what went down.


BMX’s & VW’s is on this weekend

We are stoked to get behind Crucial BMX Shop in the UK & this VW Car Show with their mini ramp comp going down. Get yourself along for a chance to win one of the very special limited edition Colony Endeavour complete bikes we did with the guys at Type 2 Detectives in the UK. Should be a great weekend of BMX & VW’s for all.


Yo yo !!

Shuhei in Tokyo

Shuhei headed over to Tokyo for the latest DUB street jam. Looks like it was a real good turnout including Simon O’Brien making an appearance…



Jourdan Barba update

Jourdan has been cruising around with his homies of late and sent through a couple photos…