Hello everyone, next to a 6 day working week I find proper time to ride my bike. dunno how but I do haha. I also started filming for a new edit 2 months ago which will be all about the front brakes as after 15 years I decided to put them back on and it feels like being back in the 90’s. I am loving it so much and all I do is watch my old Baco Vision, Props etc. VHS tapes I’ve kept all these years and get my Inspiration from riders such as Dave Freimuth, Jason Enns, Dave Osato and of course the Boss himself Clint Millar. We wanna make the Video look as old as the tricks are so we’re not filming with high tech HD and what not but on purpose, just a few more weeks and we should start putting it together. Well that was it for now, hope all of you are happy and healthy, enjoy yourselves and have fun riding your bikes. until next time.

paddy nose half bar