As the long weekend kicks in for most of us in Australia, here are a few of my personal favourite web videos that we’ve dropped lately which hopefully helpes you get motivated to go out and ride, enjoy time with friends and maybe film a clip or two…

Almost a year to the day we spent 5 days filming at Woodward West and although I basically didn’t get to ride at all it was a really amazing week filming with the guys on the trip and hanging out with the guys I don’t get to see that often like Ryan, Paddy, Jourdan and Brandon it really added to an already awesome vibe we had going on.

As soon as Jack made the move to ride for Colony we went in on the filming missions travelling to Adelaide twice, all around melbourne and a trip or two to Canberra and 6 months later this came out. The kid crashes more then anyone I know but makes sure he gets it’s done in the end.

Alex Hiam went in hard on this from a few trips to Melbourne along with filming in his home town of Brisbane. The progression throughout the filming process was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of being out filming with Alex