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4th Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

Mark Sunday January 27th down in your calendar as a day to hit up the park in Kempsey, NSW for a good day of riding, BBQ & hanging out with like minded riders. Should be a good one as always.

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Day edit from Alex

Alex hurt his hip the other day so to keep him sane and still out with his boys he went out and filmed the day out riding with a bunch of crew. Chris, Dean and Clint all have clips in this.

Woodward West video

We dropped this a couple months ago as part of the Woodward West shootout via Youtube but here is the better visual quality version on Vimeo, enjoy!

Advert: Zac Miner

Latest advert for Soul mag, Zac Miner has been sending it pretty hard for his up and coming web video, this gap to rail is a good taste of things to come from it. More info about his signature frame here.

Bruno Faucon Ten Clips

Bruno Faucon teamed up with Romain Wise & Unleaded BMX to produce this ten clips shot in France. Check it out.

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Product Highlight – Statement tee

We did another short run of the Statement tee, you can grab one here in either Black or Red.

Alex Hiam back on the bike…

Alex Hiam had a couple weeks over the holiday period to rest up on a recent hand injury. But he got straight back into it today blasting on his bike like there was no tomorrow. He also had the chance to test out his new signature seat/post combo too. All good so far.

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Liam Zingbergs new ride…

Liam Zingbergs is a weapon on his bike & a good bloke to boot. It’s for this reason we have graced him with his own signature colour-way 2013 Teddy frame. Liam chose ED Gold as his choice of bling & damn it looks the goods.

These very limited frames (only 10 being made) will be available exclusively through Little Black Bike in Adelaide in late March this year. Act quick to make one yours by contacting the guys at LBB now.

On other Liam news, he is off to the USA in a couple week for a few months. Expect regular updates here from the man himself.

Thanks to Ben McPherson for the pics by the way.

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Out with Dean Anderson

I took a drive out to Warragul yesterday and spent the day filming with Dean for a 10 clips. Dean put in some solid work out in the heat that’s for sure! He is off to Queensland next week to hit up a bunch of parks so keep an eye out and say hi if you see him out.

Product Highlight – Variant Stem

The Variant stem has been out for a couple of years now and has been pretty popular. I personally love the stem, I ran the prototype version for over a year then finally swapped to the finished version and still have that same stem. If your looking at going for a top load this could be the one for you!

Flemington Banks Jam

It’s been a couple of years since the last jam happened at the drains in Melbourne but this Saturday it’s on again! If your in Melbourne or keen on a road trip make sure you get down to the drains for a good time.