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That’s What’s Up trailer

The next 2020 dvd is set to be a banger with a large list of riders from across Australia including our very own Liam Zingbergs having a full section along with clips of a few other team guys. Make sure you check this trailer out.

2020 ‘That’s What’s Up’ Trailer from Troy Charlesworth on Vimeo.

Colony flatland program…

Way back in 1988 when I started riding, I primarily rode flatland. I was however one of the few riders that rode flatland & also did ramp, street & dirt back then. Given my links to flatland back in the day, it was natural that I wanted to do a flatland range within Colony as a company. Especially when good friends of mine Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien were without support at the time it made perfect sense to help them out.

Over the years we have supported flatland as much as we can. It’s no secret that the flatland market is a small one indeed. Through our strong position within BMX as a whole we have been able to support this for some time but at some point we needed the flatland program to support itself. Unfortunately this has not been the case & after much deliberation & sadness we have had to pull the plug on our flatland program.

We will still support Shane, Simon & Shintaro as much as possible with our products but we will no longer be making any new flatland products moving forward.

The guys at Flatland Fuel still have some stocks while they last so if there is something you want before it’s all gone, I would at fast.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support throughout the years, we’ve had some of the best riders on the planet ride some of our products & that is amazing to think about. So thanks for the good times & may the they continue into the future. You never know… we may bring out some very, very limited edition flatland products from time to time.

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Dealer highlight – Ride On Indoor Park

Ride On Indoor Park opened earlier this year here in Brisbane with a bang & they have now just launched their all new website complete with online store. They carry our full range of 2013 complete bikes with some colours not available anywhere else in the world. They also carry our full 2013 parts ranges & they support our man, Chris Courtenay. Check them out now.

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Valvo 360 invert

Quick one of Valvo at the trails over in Brazil.

BMX Day Out #3

It’s on again… this Saturday at Beenleigh. Over 35’s comp just for fun & laughs. See ya there.

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Ten Clips – Brock Olive V3

Another Brock Olive 10 clips is up! Filmed at Ride On Indoor Park. Brock put together some wild lines and grind combos for this, enjoy.

Ten Clips – Brock Olive V3 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Liam Zingbergs Ten Clips in the works….

Liam Zingbergs recently filmed a ten clips down in Adelaide & word is it’s gonna be pretty darn special. Keep an eye out for it in the weeks ahead. A special shout out to Little Black Bike for always making sure the BMX scene & Liam, is looked after down in Adelaide. Yew !!

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Shintaro wins DCF

Shintaro hit us up about the comp he just won in Bangkok, Thailand called Double Control Flat. Shintaro said the local riders were really good and was surprised he won. He is in Bangkok until the 25th of this month when he moves onto another adventure. Thanks to Wasuwat for the photos.

Double Control 2012 Flatland Competition from VIJAIFOON on Vimeo.

2013 Colony in France now…

The guys at Unleaded just landed their full shipment of our 2013 products. Check them out now if you live in France.

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Guettler in Monster Energy video

Ryan Guettler scores some footage in this Monster Energy video featuring a good chunk of their BMX team. Looks like it was heaps of fun. Check it.

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Zac Miner update

Zac is over in the USA right now, here is a quick update from him

“Costa Mesa is such a good place 5 min ride to Guettlers, 10 min ride to the beach. The weather is so nice. I’ve been rolling around the streets since I was in guettlers neighborhood, when I seen him in the street window. Such a sick 3 nac!! Going to meet up with him tomorrow, which will be sweet. Stayed tuned.”

Alex Hiam keeping busy…

Alex Hiam has been keeping busy riding in between work & school of late. It’s his last year of high school & his final exams are coming up soon. Once all done he will be travelling heaps next year which will be great for him to experience.

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Canadian Concrete…

The final event in the 2012 Canadian Concrete Series is set for September 23rd at the Seylynn bowl. If you are in the area get yourself along for a great day on the bike.

Check the flyer for more details & on the events scheduled after this one. You can also check their website by clicking here now.

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Mick Bayzand Teddy frame

Thanks to Strictly, Mick takes you through some features of the 2013 Teddy frame then hits up the local park.

Mick Bayzand Teddy V3 / Strictly BMX from Strictly BMX on Vimeo.

Bobbie Altiser & a new trick

Bobbie Altiser scored some coverage over on ESPN with a new trick he has been doing – 180 backwards tooth pick grind. Check out what he has to say about it all here now.

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UK Trip day 6

The last day of the trip and it was spent down at the new Premier BMX shop in London. The shop has only been open for about 4 months but it looks well established and dialed. Thanks to everyone who came out and hung with us at all the stops, we had a blast!

UK Trip day 5

Another day another dialed bike shop, Crucial BMX in Bristol was large, had some real cool staff and looked the goods. After Crucial we hit up a local vintage park that was fun and filled with Characters.

UK Trip day 4

Today was a whirlwind day, it started off at Alans BMX shop which was a large shop with plenty of cool kids. Then off to Wales to visit DKA Wheels and Deeside park, the park was pretty fun with a dialed bowl. Then it was off to the famous Rampworx, without a doubt the best indoor park I have ever been to. Besides the ridiculous amount of lines to do and ramps to ride the vibe there was awesome! Thanks to everyone who helped us out at the stops.

UK Trip day 3

We hit up Foundation BMX shop which had a good crew behind it and seems well established for only being around for three years. After the shop we hung out with the locals at the park for the afternoon which was crazy seeing how many riders were local there.

That evening we hit up The Arc indoor park, once again a good crew of riders were out which made for a good session along with an after hours session where some serious shit went down. Thanks to everyone that came out.

Simon off to Circle of Balance

Simon shot through this photo of him getting everything dialed in for the up and coming Redbull Circle of Balance in Japan.


You may remember earlier this year some of the guys went to China and put out this awesome web video. Cooper just posted up a collection of photos from that trip up on Modicalimited which you guys should enjoy.

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UK Trip day 2

DRIVING! We seemed to drive all day, stopping at Decoy park for a little bit but after getting a flat on the freeway we didn’t have much time to ride with the locals before we had to haul it to LiferBMX. It was a crazy drive on a road that was barely wide enough for one car let alone two! Sam lost his mirror when we side swiped a campervan! It seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere but as soon as we got to LiferBMX it was an amazing site, so many riders to be at any shop let alone one in such a small community. Lifer is one dialed shop and run by good people who gave us great hospitality.

Vital x Colony giveaway !!

Want to win yourself a very special one off 2013 Sweet Tooth 20.3″ frame in Midnight Blue?

Well, simply enter the promo below & follow the instructions & this very special frame could be yours. Like both the Vital FB & Colony FB pages as well as share the image below as seen on both FB pages & you are in the running !!

It’s the only one in the world so get to it !! You could be riding just like our main man, Alex Hiam in no time !!

Oh, don’t forget to cross your fingers as that will help too… yew !!

UK Trip day 1

The first day of the trip after getting over jetlag and we headed out to Hastings to visit Source BMX. This place is dialed and has a crazy bowl setup inside the shop and an even wilder setup in the backyard. After we hung out there it was onto the bowl up the street which got a bit of a work out. Today we head onto Decoy.

Zac’s new ride

Zac got a fresh setup just before he heads off to the USA to hang out with Ryan and visit Vegas! That Midnight Blue colour is hot!