We worked with Marnold on this edit for a while now and he really came through for it. Check it out below along with some photos and a quick Q&A about the filming for it.

How long did you spend filming for this edit? It would be about 6 months yeah?
It was probably a little bit longer than 6 months because I’m pretty slack, but it would be close to somewhere around that.

What clip in it was the hardest to film?
Hardest clip would have been either the feeble hard 3 or feeble oppo whip, both because I had never done them before.

What was the most satisfying clip to get?
Most satisfying would have to be the feeble hard 3 just because it was a trick I’d always wanted to do and I got it done.

You do alot of grind combos on rails, what are you into the most of late?
Lately I have been getting into over switch and normal smith grinds, they are definitely the favourites at the moment.

The rail you ice, pegs to crooks and pegs to over ice, we had to dig out a runup for that in the dirt, did that bother you at all?
Yeah that run up was pretty shitty, but thanks to your shoes we got it to a pretty smooth run in so not really, it was actually not to bad at all..

Were there any firsts for you in this? I think the pegs to hardway whip is the first one we have filmed on street?
Yeah there actually were a few firsts in this for me… Ice on the kinker, the feeb hard 3, the pegs to normal whip, and feeb to oppo whip and the pegs over hard 180. They were all firsts, so I’m pretty happy with the way this came out. Thanks Coops.