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2020 BMX magazine V42

The new 2020 BMX Magazine just dropped here in Australia & you can check out a preview below. It’s awesome to see Dane Searls on the cover & there is a really touching feature in the pages about him as well.

Colony wise, look out for Brock Olive’s double page advert with our 2012 complete bikes. There is also a feature story on a Focalpoint trip Cooper, Marnold & Zac did in Canberra. Check it !!

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Brock Olive – Ten Clips V2

This was a bit of an un-planned 10 clips as we just happen to hit up this park one afternoon whilst in Brisbane and Brock got keen. We only had one camera hence why it’s all filmed with fish but Brock produced…

Wallpaper: Marnold

Another wallpaper for you to download, this one is of Marnold back when we were filming for the DVD. The first shot at this hop got pretty loose with him ejecting just as he hit the peak.

Download here for widescreens and here for Standard size screens.

Broc Raiford checks in…

Broc Raiford has been filming for an Odyssey Vision edit the past few days & filming is going well so far. The snapshot below is of Broc having a bit of fun fast planting over one of his mates in downtown Baton Rouge.

Photo thanks to Francis Delapena from Odyssey.

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Product update: New colour 2012 complete bikes

This week in Australia we have landed the latest colours of our 2012 complete bikes. Check them out below now. Available at your favourite Colony dealer in the week ahead so check with them now if you are chasing a particular colour model bike.

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Tim Wood demo…

Tim Wood is doing a demo out at Beaudesert on the 14th of January if you’re in the area. He will also have a couple friends with him as well, namely Kyle Baldock & Clint Bensley. So get yourself along there to check out some good riding, meet the guys & for some giveaways from us here at Colony as well.

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Ten Clips!

We have released a bunch of ten clip edits over the past few months, here are a few of my favourites for you guys to have another watch. You can see them all here.

Broc Raiford update…

Broc Raiford sent in a quick update of what he has going on so far for 2012.

He has the filmer from Odyssey out his way for a few days to get some footage for a web video, should be good to see what they come up with. He also re-vamped his bike a bit with some fresh new parts & is liking Cooper’s new Twenty Four Seven Bars. Broc has also booked his flights to go to the Toronto BMX Jam in March, should be good times ahead no doubt.

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Valvo edit.

Valvo filmed an edit back home over the past few weeks with Digno which came out pretty good, Valvo’s got pop!

Danny Heng video

Danny Heng our flow rider in Singapore put together this edit from clips collected this Autumn in 2011. Danny rides for us through Twenty Inch Circle. Filmed and edited: Irfan Zaini.

Advert: Brock Olive

Recent advert for Ride USA featuring Brock Olive, who put in work for this truck in Brisbane.

Michal Mycek 2011 mix

Michal Mycek from Poland threw together this mix of his riding from 2011. He is out right now with a shoulder injury but will be back on the bike soon.

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Cooper on the road again…

Cooper Brownlee has been in Sydney on a solo trip searching around for new spots for future team trips down there. He also stopped into Canberra on the way up & will do so on the way back again as well.

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Wallpaper: Valvo

It’s a new year so lets spice things up a bit, the first in a bunch of desktop wallpapers we will be putting together. This one features Valvo whilst he was in Australia, blasting the vert wall at Browns Plains.

Download here for widescreen and here for standard size screens.

Happy New Year!

Here in Australia it has just ticked over to 2012. Thanks to everyone that has supported us in anyway! Here is a bit of a photo gallery from the past 12 months…