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Miner’s in town…

Zac Miner is the newest resident in Brisbane after finally moving up here yesterday from Canberra. Welcome to Brisbane mate… will be great having you as a local.

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The Colony DVD with Soul magazine

The Colony DVD will be available on the cover of the Soul BMX magazine Issue 71 in France for a small fee. If you’re in France then this a great chance to get to know what we’re all about. Make sure you get yourself a copy & I hope you enjoy what we worked on for the last 2 years. It’s out tomorrow.

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Ryan Guettler interview…

Once again today we bring two interviews from the team…

Ryan Guettler had probably some of the worst runs of luck injury wise while trying to film for the DVD. All in all though, he still managed to get some good footage captured for his section. Find out what he went through to get his section done in the video below.

Filmed & edited by Ryan Guettler & Bret Trigg.

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Chris Courtenay interview…

Chris Courtenay also had his fair share of injuries while filming for the DVD but still managed to come through with an impressive section regardless. This being a true showing of his commitment to the project & his love for riding. Check out his thoughts of the whole experience.

Filmed & edited by Stewart Munro.

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Marnold interview…

Today we are bringing you two videos in one day…

First up we have Marnold who has put together a really solid section for the DVD. I felt he really came of age with his riding during the course of filming & really started to shine the last year or so. So good to see it unfold before us all. Check out what he went through to get his part done.

Filmed & edited by Cooper Brownlee.

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Clint Millar interview…

If you’re interested in my experiences with the making of the DVD, check out the video below.

Filmed & edited by Stewart Munro.

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Brisbane premiere this Saturday…

For those within driving distance of Brisbane, make sure you get yourself along to our major premiere set for this Saturday night at The Globe Theatre in The Valley.

It’s set to be one huge night. The entire Australian Colony team will be in attendance (with the exception of Ryan & Simon). The venue is licensed so no outside drinks allowed. There will be plenty available at the bar.

All ages are welcome with a parent or guardian but please note everyone must have photo ID to enter regardless of age (The Globe’s rules).

We will also have DVD’s for sale on the night for $10.00 each. There will also be some lucky door prizes for a lucky few.

So get yourself along for a great night & get to hang out with the team & watch the DVD we have all worked on for 2 years now.

For those outside of Brisbane there are also plenty more premieres happening around the planet at various locations, times & dates. Click here for info on them all now.

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Marnold joins the pro ranks

This has been a while coming with Marnold really showing his riding abilities the last year or so filming for the DVD. It is with great pleasure that I announce that he has earned a spot on our pro team from today onwards. Not only is he a great guy but one hell of a rider too. Thanks for all your efforts mate, they are appreciated.

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DVD premiere Adelaide…

Little Black Bike are proud to bring you The Colony DVD premiere for Adelaide. Check the flyer below for details. If you’re in the area make sure you get yourself there. Should be a great night.

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Tom Stretton interview…

The second instalment in our series of interviews in conjunction with TCU belongs to Tom Stretton. Tom has one of my personal favourite parts in the DVD & for good reason. No one rides like Tom, I mean no one. Check out what he has to say about his experiences filming for the DVD.

Filmed & edited by Stewart Munro. Once again all riding footage used is B roll & not in the finished product.

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Greenville premiere report…

A very hung over Ryan Guettler sent in a quick report on the premiere night in Greenville last night & his thoughts on the DVD. Read on below…

Last night was epic !! Sorry this is going to be short but I’m so sick from all the alcohol and monster.

The DVD was so sick, Stewart Munro did such a good job editing it.

Last night was crazy every one had a good time the bar even let me bring in the boxing gloves and things got out of control. They let us play BMX DVD’s all night and the drinks didn’t stop. We even got a live band for a bit.

No one is riding today because were all hung over but it was a fun time. Today I’m just chilling but but I’ve re-watched the DVD 8 times already, I love Tom’s section, he is crazy.

Thank you so much for the DVD and letting me be apart of every thing Colony is doing. You rule Clint !! – Ryan.

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Moving on up… T Strett

I am very proud to announce that from today, Tom Stretton has earned himself a spot on the pro team with his efforts on the DVD & generally just being a kick ass guy. Thanks for all your work mate, it’s a pleasure to have you on the team & you’re such an important part of Colony.

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Premiere in Canberra.

Backbone have been good enough to put on a premiere for the DVD this Saturday, make sure you get down there for the event. Thanks guys.

Mick Bayzand interview…

In conjunction with The Come Up we bring you a series of interviews with some of the team about their experiences filming for the DVD.

Starting today with Mick Bayzand there will be a new interview dropped each day over the next week leading up to the 16th of July. Hopefully you will get a bit of an insight into what went into the DVD & what to expect from the guys. The riding footage used in all these interviews is B roll footage that did not make the actual finished product.

Interview filmed & edited by Cooper Brownlee with additional footage filmed by Flagz.

The Colony DVD will be available worldwide from July 16th.

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Brock Olive edit…

Brock Olive has a promo edit for some fresh new gear from our friends at Dishonour. Some good stuff in this and I am pretty sure the guys filmed it in one day in Brocks home town.

Product highlight – 2011 complete bikes

Our 2011 complete bikes are in limited supply in most countries right now, so get in quick if you want to get yourself one of the latest colour Endeavours, Lil’ Endeavours, Descendents, Rebirth Pro, Sweet Tooth Pro, Teddy Pro or Lowcut Pro bikes.

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Greenville premiere today…

If you’re in the Greenville area in NC, then make sure you get yourself over for the party that Ryan has organised to celebrate our DVD launch. Should be a great time for all with an open bar as well courtesy of Monster Energy & Ryan himself.

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DVD premiere in Panama.

Thanks to Wallride Distributions we have a premiere for the DVD in Panama, check the flyer for all the info. Not long now until all the premieres!

Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in a quick update on what he has been up to…

Yesterday I met up with Michael Harris and took some pics at an old brick factory, got some good ones. Here is one from my camera. Some good ones to come once Michael sorts them. I’m starting to film again now also, collecting some clips for an edit down the track.

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Product update – Beanies

To welcome in the cool winter months here in Australia we will soon have available some beanies to keep your noggin warm. These will be available mid July & only in Australia. Click here for more info now.

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Dahshop Colony DVD Premiere.

Dahshop in NY will also be having a bit of a premiere for the DVD, playing the DVD all day in their shop, make sure you cruise down there if you are in the area.

Product update – Much Room Grip

We have our 3rd grip coming out soon & it’s called the Much Room Grip. It will be available early August in Australia & September for the rest of the world. Check it out below. You can also see the mould used to make this new grip too. It will come in Black, Red, Purple, Blue & Laser Green.

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Impromptu world premiere…

Tonight we had an impromptu world premiere for our DVD. We went to a random Taiwanese restaurant tonight & my agent noticed a DVD projector screen & took it upon himself to have our new DVD show on it. So random but also pretty damn cool at the same time.

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Checking in from Taiwan…

I am over here in Taiwan checking on 2012 productions & working on 2013 product lines. I took some quick photos of a few products of ours being made & thought I would share. Here you see the steps our Official Stems take along their production.

Here also are some of the first production CC Sprockets being made. These will be out worldwide in September.

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Shintaro Misawa bike check

Shintaro sent us in a nice photo of his current set-up. Check it out…

Bars: Colony Bull bars
Bar ends: Colony Konka
Cranks: Colony Colonial Flatland version
Frame: Colony Dejavu 17.0″
Grips: Colony HFL
Pedals: Colony Fantastic plastic
Sprocket: Colony Jam Circle V2 20T
Stem: Colony L.T.D
Back wheel: Colony Contour cassette (male)
Front wheel: Colony Contour

Product update – Miner Frame

Zac Miner has been working hard on his DVD section the past 2 years & it was decided about a year ago that we would grace him with his own signature frame.

That frame called the Miner, will be out around the world this September. It will come in 20.75″ & 21″ sizes. It also has a short & responsive rear end at 13.25″ which is exactly what Zac wanted. It has internal gussets on the tapered top & down tubes for strength. We will release more info & specs closer to the release date.

Shown in our 2012 colour – Matt Red.

Unleaded & Soul BMX Magazine have teamed together to give someone the chance to win one a Miner frame. So if you live in France get to it. Click here now for full details.

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DVD premiere in Greenville

Ryan Guettler took it upon himself to organise a massive premiere event in Greenville which I am so thankful for. Check the flyer details below & take note of the open bar thanks to Monster Energy & some of Ryan’s other sponnos. Wish I could make it this one as well but for those that are closer, make sure you do. It’s on this Sunday, so actually technically is the world premiere as well. Should be a great night.

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Liam Zingbergs

Last month Liam went over to China for the Asian X-Games and seem to gain alot of recognition from doing so. His clothing sponsor Primary Threads were so stoked on how Liam went they have released a limited edition colour way of one of their designs to celebrate liams results.

Royal Bmx interview

Royal Bmx is a BMX store over in Perth, Western Australia. These guys are doing good things for the scene over there and they stock all Colony product so make sure you check out the store if you are in W.A and have a watch of this video interview created by Calvin Kosovich.

Custom LTD…

The guys at Strictly BMX have built up a very rare custom LTD frame using some never before released Chrome Colonial V2 Cranks & Dagger forks. Check out in more detail here now.

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