Zac Miner emailed in with a little update on what he has been up too since his close call with a White Tailed Spider bite recently. He is back on the bike now, read on below.

So the last week has been abit fun, been spending my time in Canberra/Queanbeyan just resting up after gettin outta hospital. Hanging out with the Queanbo girls, always a laugh! Went to Nitro Circus last night ha, kinda surprise me how good it kinda was, alot of flips but non the less all the guys moto or bmx threw down. By the end of the night 3 people including Travis Pastrana, were in hospital. About to get on the plane today to get back to Melbs and take off to Adelaide, can’t wait. Anyways holla y’all.

Yo yo !!