Paddy Gross sent in a quick update of what he has been up to since his visit down under last month…

So after my amazing Australian experience I am back in Germany and things started getting pretty much back to normal. I am working again and already started to save up again for my next Australian trip hopefully very soon. I miss the whole team cause everyone treated me like we’ve been friends for years and that’s what Colony is about. I remember when Clint said “I want you to be a part of the Colony family” Now I know what the “Colony family” is about, it’s about fun, friends, smiles, love, adventures, ideas and being authentic.

So I am getting ready for the season and for now all I am doing is riding demos. Last weekend I’ve been in town where I grew up and after two years I’ve had a good sesh at my local skatepark and at a new indoor place which just opened a couple month ago. Well I’ve taken heaps of memories from the good times in Australia and they make me smile everyday.

Thanks again to Clint Millar & Glen, the whole team, the bike shops and the beautiful Australian country for making me have one of the most amazing times in my life. Cheers! Paddy.

Yo yo !!