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Paddy Gross checks in..

Our flow rider from Germany Paddy Gross travels alot and always emails in a nice story/update for us. Read on about Paddys travels to India and Romania along with future trip plans to the USA and Australia!

“I´ve been able to ride my bike at lots of different places in the last couple month and being on the road with and because of that little bike is always a blast and i am just thankful BMX takes me around so much and i am having a chance to meet the world preety much. after being to india for 10 days i went to romania for a contest and some demos. it´s been my first real street contest ever and i really enjoyed doing the things in a contest which i am not doing so much at all, the more i was surprised taking second place, haha good times. first place went to italien simone barraco and he´s the control in person, good tricks and good style this boy has. right after romania i went for the vans “let it ride” tour in portugal and there will be another edit of our “lisbon” crew in the net soon. the vans trip ended up with the rebeljam in portimao and for everyone who´s been at a rebeljam before knows how laid back this contest is even if over a 100 riders just in pro class participate. i was taking it easy and just did the things i felt save with because after 8 days on the road before i was feeling a little out of shape. the guy who impressed me the most on that weekend was tood meyn from australia. never heard of that guy and boom i got slapped in the face with a huge amount of unbelievable tricks performed like it was not even a struggle plus he´s an awesome dude on top of that. well after portugal i went home and straight to work for a week before i left to cologne to ride demos for sony at a photo tradshow. the demo format was the craziest i´ve ever ridden, 3 teams split into 2 BMX guys and 1 skateboarder, a tiny miniramp in the middle of a huge sony booth and each team had to ride a whole hour 3 times a day. there were the newest cameras set up next to the ramp, so the people could try them right on the spot and that was the reason that there had to be movement on the ramp for the whole day. so after 6 days of doing that my body was like: ” hey do ya need me any longer or can i take off for vacation? ” at the end it´s been a good time with my mates and nobody got hurt. after cologne i flew over to belgium to ride demos at a metalcore festival which is taking place every year and it´s crazy because they always built up a huge skatepark with everything you need to have fun just for a couple demos. since i am listening to a lot of metalcore i felt comfortable riding my bike with lots of screaming in the background haha. well after belgium i went home again to get some work done and to chill out for a couple days and hang out with my mates in my local skatepark, sometimes it´s good to be home. so now the contest season is taking a break over here and i am enjoying riding my bike and trying out new things. i am slowly getting ready for the USA in december to spent x-mas and new years eve with my mom and my best friends family where i used to live for 3 years in portland, oregon. my savings for australia are done and soon i will book my ticket, can´t wait to finally sit in the plane to come over. on all the trips i´ve done in the last time a lot of people and kids ask me about colony, and i was fulfilled with happiness and proud to say that colony is making my dream come true with having one of my best friends taking care of me, having a perfect bike and being a part of an amazing team/family. all of these trips, good times and feeling awesome on my bike wouldn´t be possible without colony. thanks a lot for helping me living my dream.” cheers! paddy

Dinner – Taiwan style

It’s always interesting coming over here to Taiwan. A very different culture in so many ways & one of the most interesting changes is the food. I have to say this was a first for me & one that wasn’t all that bad. Deep fried bees !! No real taste, just very crunchy. I can now notch up another new experience had in Taiwan with many more to come I am sure.

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Broc Raiford update.

A couple weeks ago Broc won the high air contest and the best trick at a new park that just opened up near his house, High air was at 9ft and the best trick was a 540 air bars and a flair invert, nice! From what I can see the place looks rad!


Micky Bayzand is back in Melbourne and after recovering from a shoulder injury he has been out and about riding a bunch lately. Whilst driving back home from a day out searching schools we spotted this ship wreck out to sea that none of us had seen before, so we pulled out the camera and took some shots. The background in the photo almost seems fake.

Colony x Strictly Teddy frames out now

Strictly x Colony limited edition Teddy frames are now available at Strictly BMX.

Each one custom slapped by Mick Bayzand and comes with a signed poster, a bunch of stickers, DVD and a laser cut, customised, numbered Strictly skull.

To view all of the frames hit up Strictly’s Facebook album here.

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For a good cause…

Good friend of mine and many others here in Australia, Allan Briotti past away in September and the crew over at The Sanction have setup a raffle to help raise some money to put towards Allans funeral bills. We have gotten behind the raffle with some prizes. So if you have some spare coin and want to have the chance to win some great prizes go here to get involved.

Contest updated…

This contest that was released a few days ago, has now been updated to include entries from all over the globe with a Colony prize pack with forks, pedals & grips up for grabs for the best entry outside of the USA. Check the Ride BMX site for full details.

After my crash in the USA 5 weeks ago I left my bike there with the guys from Ride BMX with the view to give it away via some kind of competition. Well, it’s out now & here is your chance to win my bike complete with a one off custom frame & our prototype Agenda tyres.

Click here now to get the full scoop & get your entries in for your chance to win my beloved bike.

Make a video that entertains me & it could very well be you !!

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Only in Taiwan

Spotted this amazing scene yesterday here in Taichung, Taiwan. Gotta love it !!

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In Taiwan for the week

I am over here in Taiwan for the week inspecting current shipments on working on some new projects with our 2012 line. I will post some news over the week ahead to let you know what we’re working on.

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New lower pricing in Australia

For all those that live in Australia you should check out your favourite Colony dealer for all new pricing on our entire 2011 ranges. Due to the strong Aussie dollar, we are able to pass on the savings to you. There has never been a better time to get some fresh new Colony gear. Start by checking out our catalogue here or in our online catalogue below.

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Win my bike !!

After my crash in the USA 5 weeks ago I left my bike there with the guys from Ride BMX with the view to give it away via some kind of competition. Well, it’s out now & here is your chance to win my bike complete with a one off custom frame & our prototype Agenda tyres.

Click here now to get the full scoop & get your entries in for your chance to win my beloved bike.

Make a video that entertains me & it could very well be you !!

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Limited edition Teddy frames at Strictly soon

We have teamed up with Strictly BMX & Mick Bayzand to produce some very limited edition frames which will be released in the weeks ahead. Only ten have been made for the planet, so exclusive is the word on these puppies. Check the Strictly site for more news soon.

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Peta’s USA trip.

Peta Shepherd arrived home on the weekend from her USA trip and is already back into the daily grind. Here are a few random pics from her adventures.

How-to footjam with Peta

Peta Shepherd has a how-to video up on the Ride BMX site. Check it out below & then leave Peta some love in the comments on the Ride site by clicking here now.

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Product highlight – Impact Ankle Bone Protector

Vital BMX have a Gear Guide featuring our Impact Ankle Bone Protectors. Check it !!

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Tom Stretton DIG advert.

Tom Stretton features in our latest DIG advert doing a rad curved wall over some bins up in Brisbane. Check it out! You can get more info on the Guardian forks here.

Jens Kahlstrom…

Jens Kahlstrom our flow rider in Sweden, scored some coverage in the latest issue of Case BMX from the UK. Check it out below. Photo taken by Mats Kahlstrom.

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Tom in Sydney.

Tom Stretton was also in Sydney on the weekend for the Halloween Jam. I came across this clip of him at the jam doing something rediculous.

Sydney trip…

Marnold and myself were up in Sydney for the weekend to hit up the annual Halloween Jam along with hitting some spots. We had a great time as always on road trips. Below are a few B-side images from the trip… Thanks to Daniel Johnson for the photos.

Back on the horse…

Chris Courtenay is back on the bike & got together with Drew Raison to make up this little edit… check it out.

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Newcircle’s got you covered

If you’re in the market for some Colony flatland goodness then check out Newcircle as they are our Australian exclusive outlet for all things Colony flatland. They also mail order to the masses anywhere in the world. Click here to check out their site now & click here to check out their Facebook page for some great custom bikes they have sold recently.

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Product highlight – Dagger Forks

Ryan’s latest signature forks feature an exclusive internally spiral fluted fork leg tubing. This offers a great strength to weight ratio. The steer tube is also fluted for extra strength. These full post heat treated forks also feature small drop outs that are also peg friendly. Available now everywhere. Click here for more info now.

Shown here in our Red Storm colourway.

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