Peta Shepherd continues her USA trip & reports in…read on.

I can’t remember what the last thing I sent in was, but I can tell you I’ve been having a ball since then! We’ve been on the road now for about 3 weeks and it’s all been a rad and crazy experience. I got to hit up Vegas while the Dew tour was on. Which was awesome, it would be the biggest BMX contest I’ve been to and the vibe was cool. After that we drove over in to Cali. The rain caught us which was a bummer, we got the chance to ride a few sweet indoor parks. I even got the chance to shoot with Fat Tony from RideBMX.

We headed up highway one after our few days in Cali to hit up Portland. The drive was long though beautiful along the coast and into the Redwood national forest. We even tried driving the van through a tree but it was just a bit to big. When we got to Portland it was cold and rainy and we had no where to stay, so we drove on to Seattle because we knew another girl rider Sam Lyons who kindly oftered us a bed at her house. Seattle had been raining a bit too, however Sam was able to get us into a cool little private barn ramp setup, which was weird to ride though very fun. The photo is from the little session we had there.

Yo yo !!