Today started off good, we hit a bunch of spots which was fun however things turned from good to bad over the course of the day, we got kicked out of a couple of spots then ventured out of town a bit of more and rode a real fun spot for a fair while, then we were just eating some food around the corner from the last spot when four police officers pulled up, pointed at me and proceeded to speak in Spanish which all we got out of it was that they were giving me a fine for grinding on the rail (which I actually didn’t) they then asked me which bike was mine, I tried to keep it all nice so I showed them and the dude literally took my bike and put it in the cop car, because of the language barrier we have no idea what the story is. Basically all we know is that in two days we have to go to the police station and deal with it then.

The photo below is of happier times from yesterday after riding amazing spots all day and meeting new people.