In the grand scheme of things there really aren’t that many girls who ride bmx but Peta does and does it quite well. Continue below to learn a bit more about her…


What are you up to today?

I just finished work… Chilling out for a bit and then going for a ride somewhere.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

I have a twin brother. He doesn’t ride and we don’t look a thing alike. haha

Any plans to travel any time soon?

Hopefully yes. I wanna hit up the states in September/Octoberish.

If someone asked you why they should come visit Brisbane, what would you say?

Non rider: Beaches and theme parks. Rider: All the cool people to ride with and the good parks, plus the weather.

How many other girl riders are there in Australia do you think?

Umm.. not to sure in Australia, though I know there is a hand full in Brisbane and more keep popping up. Which is awesome to see.

Out of the hundreds of parks there are in Queensland what is your favorite to ride and why?

I love some many. But I think Kuraby, it just has fun quarters and banks, and even some little ledges