We are starting a new series of online mini interviews with the team riders so that you get to know them a bit more and where they are from. First up is Alex Hiam… read on.



What are you up to today Alex?

I went to school till 1 came home and it started raining ! So nothing at all!

What year are you in at school?

In year 10.

What is your favourite subject at school?
My favourite subject is probably engineering or art.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

This is a hard one! Well I hate reading, rain and scooters and I love skate 2, art and icey poles.

Although you are only young mate, you have travelled around a fair bit, what has been your favourite trip so far and why?

That would defInately have to be the colony road trip to Melbourne from Brisbane! So fun!

You are addicted to eating lollies, what is your favourite type?

Nah not really ! More like red-bull haha. My favourite lollie would have to be yuppie hot-dogs or sour worms!

What spot/park have you been stoked on riding lately?

Flemington banks when it’s street and Kuraby and Beenleigh with skatepark!