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Custom Hell Stallion at Strictly

The guys at Strictly BMX have made up an awesome custom Hell Stallion complete bike in our limited edition Yellow. Looks the goods for sure. Click here & here for the full deal now, hurry because I don’t think it will last very long at the price they have it at.


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Nice Saturday ride…

Had a fun day of riding yesterday, first met up with Alex & Peta & then headed down to Matt King’s new backyard ramp to have a roll with him & Toby. The session got cut short with some showers so we headed north to Beenleigh for some dry weather. It was a good chilled session & I snapped this pic of Alex with a picture perfect Beenleigh sunset in the background. Gotta love BMX.


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Paddy Gross checks in…

Paddy informed me that he can’t make it to the worlds this weekend in Cologne but he will be in Mexico for some demos. Last time the worlds were in Cologne was back in 2004 & Paddy won the Mini Ramp title then. It’s a shame that he can’t be back there. I wish I was also over there this weekend but it’s not meant to be. Cologne is always such a great time.

In the meantime, Paddy sent in a pic from a session on german legend, Axel Reichertz backyard ramp & of a demo Paddy did jumping a car. Word.


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Colony fan letter #9,456

We get hundreds of envelopes each month, usually requests for free stickers & ‘please sponno me’ letters. Every now & then you get a cool letter that you can tell was done for the right reasons, pure passion & love for BMX. Well, enter this letter & cool artwork we received here from a young BMXer out there. A big thanks go out to you Jake. Your letter & drawing is now hanging on the warehouse wall.


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Zac Miner advert

Zac Miner has the latest DIG advert for Colony & you can read all about it & more on the Backbone BMX site.


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New Shane Badman video

Shane made this awesome video of some ‘scrap’ footage he had collected over the past 9 months. Wish my ‘scrap’ flatland footage was anything like this! Enjoy.

Shane Badman Winter 2008/09 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Mick Bayzand checks in…

Mick recently did a sight seeing roadtrip with some friends into the interior of BC in Canada. Looks like it was a good time by the pics he sent in. Some nice looking scenery for sure. It’s good to see you enjoying yourself over there mate !!


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Simon & Shintaro footage

The ‘Colony Down Underground Series’ finals went down on the 4th of July in Brisbane, Australia. This here is some footage from the final battle between Colony team mates, Simon O’Brien & Shintaro Misawa. Simon came out in front for the win by 1 point, making it a very close competition. Enjoy.

Down Underground Finals – Brisbane. from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Our first fitted cap, the ‘LFH’ by Liam Fahy-Hampton. Available September around the world at all good retailers. I know it sounds like a while off yet but worth the wait I feel. Hassle your local shop closer to the release date about getting yourself one.


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Spotted this on the Backbone BMX site. Def gonna be heading down to Canberra to check this out when it’s done. Better get that couch ready for me Zac !! Click here to read more.


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New Liam advert

Liam Fahy-Hampton has a new advert on the back cover of the new Focalpoint BMX magazine. Check it out at a BMX shop near you now. While you’re at it, click here now to check out our range of tee shirts available right now.


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Focalpoint 17 out now

Click here for all the info on what’s inside this issue.


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Product highlight – Teddy Bars

Mick Bayzand is a champion, a true Aussie battler & a street weapon no doubt. He can take the biggest falls & get up smiling while going for it again. Pure legend. Every time I watch him ride I can’t help but smile. If you like to smile on & off your bike while throwing yourself down any rail in sight then perhaps Mick’s signature Teddy bars are for you? Check them out by clicking here now or at any bike shop near you that stocks Colony. Easy as that.


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Colony Down Underground finals

Yesterday the finals went down & it was a real success. Riding wise it all came down to a Colony head to head with Simon & Shintaro. Simon came out on top by 1 point for the win. A big thanks go to all those that organised the series & to all those that rode in it. Next series should be even bigger & better. Check back later this week for a short video of the day.


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Shintaro’s in town

Ross D dropped by the office yesterday with Shintaro, fresh off the plane from Japan. We hooked him with a bunch of tee shirts, one of our new hooded zip ups & some Fantastic Plastic pedals. You can check out Shintaro’s riding at the Down Underground finals today in Brisbane. Click here for more details. I snapped a couple amateur pics of his Colony Cube & a quick session in the warehouse below. Enjoy.


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Got Purple?

We do… Official Stems, Official Sprockets, Pivotal Seat Posts, Mid & Spanish BB kits, Fork Top bolts, Konka Bar Ends, Clone Hub Sets, Oneway Pegs, Official Forks, Hell Stallion Forks, Fantastic Plastic Pedals, Bloody Oath frames, Hell Stallion Frames, Bloody Oath Bars, Teddy Bars, Official Bars, Colonial Cranks & more available in Purple right now at retailer near you.


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Down Underground Finals

If you’re keen to check out the flatland scene in Australia make sure you get yourself along to the finals of the Down Underground Series on this Saturday. Heavy hitters from Colony Simon O’Brien & Shintaro Misawa from Japan will be there as well as the majority of the Aussie flatland contingent.


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Marnold’s bike

While in Melbourne on the weekend I took the chance to get a few pics of Marnold’s Hell Stallion for you all to check out. Black & Purple looks a treat for sure.

For those in Australia looking for Official stems, Pivotal seat posts & 25T Official sprockets all in Purple we have just landed a fresh new shipment of these. So hit up your local shop to get some in now, while they last.


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