It’s been in the pipeline for almost 6 months now but I have finalised details on some major changes with Colony as a company & the way Colony will be distributed here in Australia.

The biggest change is that Triplesix Distributions will no longer be the distributor for Colony products in Australia & I will be doing this myself out of Brisbane. This is in effect immediately but I wont be fully operational with stock until early to mid February.

For all the stores in Australia this means you will need to contact me directly for your Colony needs & I will be in contact with those shops that had orders in place with Triplesix for 2009 products very soon. So for any store that wishes to continue stocking Colony or would like to start, please contact me via email at ( I will have full contact details soon such as phone numbers & fax numbers.

This also means that for any warranty issues please contact me directly & not Triplesix Distributions. I will take care of any issues that may arise with our products as I totally stand behind them.

We will also have a whole new art direction for our 2010 range with Cooper Brownlee from Focalpoint BMX becoming our new art director. I welcome Cooper to the family & look forward to the years ahead working with him.

I would like to thank Triplesix Distributions for all their support from the start for Colony & I really do acknowledge & appreciate their involvement in getting Colony to where it is today.

Lastly, I have taken sole ownership of Colony now with Chris Harrison no longer being a part of the company. I thank him for his efforts over the years & wish him all the best in his future projects.

What does all this mean for you, the rider? It means you can look forward to Colony moving in the right direction & having a fresh new look ahead. Once again, I thank you all for your support for Colony & without your support Colony is nothing. I am excited at the changes at hand & can’t wait to show the world what Colony is capable of.

Liam’s new advert which is due out soon. This is Cooper’s first job for Colony, a fresh new look.

Yo yo !!