Buzzy shit happens when you open your eyes and look hard! Why am I typing this? Well, myself, Wazman and Zombie Mike went on a bit of a ‘joint’ this weekend, to our favourite pie shop, I’m not gonna give away its location, that’s a secret, but it’s somewhere between Auckland and Wellington, thats all I’m going to say! Anyways, I really needed to use the porcelain throne, so we pulled over in the middle of no where, and off I went, only to wonder a bit further down the road and come across the proverbial ‘cats meow’!!
We did a little bit more exploring and low and behold, our exploring was rewarded with what I can best sum up as probably one of the best ‘natural’ spots I’ve ever seen! Take a squizz at the pics, but they don’t do it justice, wallrides, bank to walls, sub boxes, transitioned wall, this place has it all, except for the jump box in the middle! Ha, thank goodness!
All really good size as well! We hungout there for a while and took it all in, I took some navagational readings with my mobile GPS unit, so that we know exactly where this bohemoth sleeps. We will be going back with shovels and brooms once summer arrrives, so I’ll def get some pics of that! Just goes to show that if you stray off the broken path looking for a place to go number two’s, you never know what you will find!

In other random news, got me new Colonic hubs built up, dang! These are prototypes, but are pretty much spot on! Thanks to Dagger at Hedgehog Takapuna for the build, not too sure when these suckers are avaliable, but all you need to know is that they’re light, light, have a buzzy colony logo laser etched into them, and they make your bike go fast!