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Alex Hiam video

All new Alex Hiam video stacked with some amazing clips. Filmed around Melbourne and Brisbane over the past couple of months.

Check out the Sweet Tooth range of parts here.

Ben Thompson ten clips…

Tech machine, Ben Thompson sent through this little ten clips video at his local. Check it !!

Ben does it for Colony through Bicycle Centre in Townsville who carry our full ranges. Hit them up if you’re local.

Yo yo !!

Service Centre- How to replace your brake pads

The 2nd instalment from our Service Centre video series. A detailed video on how to replace your brake pads on your bike. Any questions just jump on the Youtube page and leave them in the comments and we will do our best to respond to all of them.

Products featured: Brethren Brakes.

Service Centre – How to replace BMX forks

This series runs you through everything you need to know about maintaining your bike. From simple things like fixing a puncture, all the way through to the more technical like rebuilding a wheel. Today we show you how to replace your forks.

Products featured: Colony Monash frame, Colony Square Back Stem and Colony Guardian Forks.

Jackie Straiton video

We’re proud to introduce 16 year old, Jackie Straiton to the USA flow team with this banging park edit. Jack filmed this over 6 months & it’s packed full of some great moves throughout Florida. Check it out !!

A huge thanks to Emmitt BMX for introducing us to Jackie.

Yo yo !!

Nathan Sykes video

A couple months ago we announced that we had added Nathan Sykes to the team. Well today we are stoked to release his welcome to the team video. Nathan has some serious style and a good head on his shoulders. More from Nathan in the future no doubt but for now enjoy this video…

Thanks to Matt Cordova for helping out on this project.

Tom Stretton 2013 web video

Tom is such a delight to film with, sure his clips may sometimes take forever to get but standing out in the freezing cold late at night is well worth it when he comes through with something special. We collected some great footage for this video, most of which was on roadtrips throughout Australia enjoying the sunshine and the places we came across along the way.

Have a watch then watch again!

Jourdan Barba summer video

Jourdan spent the past 5 months filming this dialed video with Larry Alvarado which just premiered over on TCU. Hit play and enjoy.

Chris Courtenay video

So last week Chris mentioned he had nearly finished a new web video, then today I get a text saying the video is done and will be online tonight, seems he was busy with Dylan O’Leary. Chris drops some solids in this, well worth 2 minutes and 51 seconds of your time.

Zac Miner B-Roll

As we did with Alex’s video recently, here is a collection of 2nd angles, un-used footage and other randomness from the filming of Zac‘s most recent Colony video…

Jack Kelly web video

I am really damn stoked on how this came out, Jack went in hard for this over the course of 5-6 months and came through with the goods. Follow him on Instagram @killjack

How to Flair with Ryan Guettler

Ryan gives you all the help he can for anyone looking to learn flairs in this how-to video.

Brisbane Mixtape

The past couple months Alex has been on and off the injjured list but as always he is cooking something up. He filmed a bunch of his friends and put together this video, he also has a few clips himself in it.

Jourdan Barba “The Hunt” section

Jourdan‘s Hunt section from last year was a banger and is now online, be sure to have a watch of this, it’s filled with bangers!

Jourdan Barba – Ten Clips

Jourdan spent some time with Larry Alvarado to film this 10 clips video from a few sessions at a couple parks, some really dope lines in this.

Liam Vance video

Liam Vance dropped a new web video recently. Liam is a young shredder in the UK we flow some parts to, looks like he is right into the Colony coaster.